Lust goes deeper

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Lust goes deeper
Lust goes deeper



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, you may not believe this, but it is true. When you are a Christian and you lust after someone, things do not stop there as you may believe. Lust goes a lot deeper as I am about to show you.

Lust is a spirit from Satan.

Satan regularly holds meetings with his high-level demons to plan how to fail dedicated Christians. They plan to immobilize believers who are working hard to promote God’s Kingdom on earth. One of the weapons  the Devil uses is the spirit of lust. When you lust, then be sure you are not alone. Your mind has been invaded by a spirit of lust from Satan.

Your lust is reported to the Devil.

Even if you lust after someone for a just a second, your action is reported by demons to the Devil. After this report is made, Satan will make arrangements for a demon masquerading as the person you lusted after to come in your dreams. You will have a sexual encounter with this demon in your dreams. If you do not repent before God and you continue lusting, then demons will continue having sexual relations with you when you are asleep. This is why pornography is so dangerous. When you sleep at night demons will cause you to sleep with all the persons you watched in pornography, even when they are very far away.

Your mermaid children in the underworld.

Demons can have sexual contact with you in dreams or during masturbation, and you emit reproductive fluids. What follows is for them to steal these emissions and take them to Satan’s underworld where they are used for reproduction. This is why you see some underworld demonic creatures with half their bodies human and the other half looking like animals. This is how mermaids are born. If you do not repent of lust, pornography and masturbation, demons will steal your emissions and you will end up having many mermaid children in the underworld.

How to overcome lust.

Temptations will come your way. As soon as you are attracted to another person, quickly rebuke the Devil. Tell him you belong to Jesus Christ. Command the spirit of lust to go away. Jesus made similar rebukes when Satan tempted him. He said: “Go away from me Satan!” and the Devil fled (Mathew 4:10) .



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