Marry the right partner.

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Marry the right partner.

Marry the right partner.


By  Makko Musagara


Marry the right partner.

This goes to all Christians who are not yet married. Do not just enter marriage anyhow. Do not marry or get married to any person that comes to you, because you may end up with a wrong partner.

Many marriages are in great trouble because of wrong partners.

God has a good plan for your life.

Before you were born, God knew you, and made a very good plan for your life. You are supposed to shine and excel on earth. God loves you and created you to contribute towards the expansion of His Kingdom on Earth.

God has planned a partner for you.

Before you were born, God arranged a marriage partner who would enable you achieve His divine purpose for your life on earth.

Satan works to bring wrong partners.

The Devil is always against God and the good plans he has for his people. When Satan realizes that God has a divine assignment and very good plans for your life, he will fight to see that you get a wrong partner who would give you a lot of trouble in life.

With all the marriage troubles surrounding your life, it will be very difficult for God’s plans to be implemented in your life.

Seek God for the partner he planned for you.

As soon as you reach adulthood, which is 18 years in most countries, add one item on your prayer list. I have chosen this age because some relationships for  future marriages start early.

Pray always that when the right time for your marriage comes, God brings you the rightful partner.  When you think the right time to marry has come, seek God with all your heart about the person who has come into your life.

If you have a trusted minister of God, consult him or her about that person who wants to come into your life. God will counsel you through his servants whether you should go ahead with that marriage.

Other ways of confirmation.

God has other ways of confirming whether your partner is the right one. He can do this through dreams or through other miraculous signs.

During your prayer time ask God to give you guidance and a sign showing that your partner is the right one.

Isaac got Rebecca through God’s guidance.

When you read Genesis 24:1-67, you will learn a great lesson on how to find the rightful partner using God’s guidance.



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