Never speak these words

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Never speak these words
Never speak these words



By  Makko Musagara



Never speak these words.

Dear reader, many people are cursing themselves without their knowledge. They do this by carelessly speaking words that bring them a lot of trouble in the spirit world.

It is for this reason that I advise you never to speak these words I am going to mention.

How Satan and demons operate.

Satan and demons sometimes operate by deploying their agents near you to listen to every word you speak. It is difficult to see these demonic agents because they occupy the bodies of flies, cockroaches, and similar small insects common in places occupied by human beings.

You may see a fly in your room and think it is innocent – it is just a fly. This fly may be possessed by a demon that is listening to every word you speak.

Whenever you speak a negative word, these demonic agents will carry those words to Satan who will convert them into curses upon your life.

Never speak these words.

If you want to see God’s blessings upon your life, never make the statements I am listing below.

“I am poor.”   If  you say these words, Satan will send curses of poverty upon your life.

“I am about to die.” Satan will make sure you die quickly.

“I will never make it” Satan will ensure you always fail.

“I am hated everywhere I go” Satan and demons will ensure you are hated everywhere you go.

“I am always unlucky.” Satan will ensure this is always so.

“I am always sick” Satan will send you demons of sickness.

“I don’t think I will ever own a beautiful house, car, or other properties” Satan will use these very words to curse your life. You may leave this world without ever possessing a beautiful house, car, or other properties.

“I am always afraid” Satan will send a demon of fear to torment you.

The solution to negative words.

If you want to avoid curses upon your life, always confess positive words. These very words will be used by God and his angels to fulfill them in your life.




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