No pastor is perfect.

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No pastor is perfect.
No pastor is perfect.



By   Makko Musagara


I am a minister of God, though I am not pastoring a Church. Please let not the title of this article confuse you; for I am not against any pastor on earth. I just want to educate persons who believe that a pastor has to be one hundred per cent perfect. With this belief, such individuals criticize any pastor you dare mention.

Jesus refused to be called perfect.

During his ministry on earth, some persons thought that he was a perfect person. He refused to be called so and he told them:

18 “Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good—except God alone.’ (Mark 10:18).


All Pastors on earth are still under God’s training.

Many persons, including Christians do not realize that every minister of God is under training from the day God called him to serve up to the day he leaves this world. The same applies to all pastors. There are many things God wants to teach them therefore He uses each new day to train them.


All Pastors are under Satanic and demonic attacks.

Many people do not realize that Satan and his legion of demons are more likely to attack pastors than lay Christians. The Devil knows that if a pastor falls, then all sheep will scatter. This is the main reason you have to intercede for pastors so that they overcome the temptations and trials of Satan. Instead of criticizing mistakes made by your pastor, go on your knees and plead to God to fulfill His will in that pastor’s life as it is written in Heaven.


Pick something good out of pastors.

All pastors have a good side. Instead of criticizing and judging them, bless them and pick something positive out of their pastoring to help you in your walk to Heaven.

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