Overcoming demons as you drive

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Alt=Overcoming demons as you drive
Overcoming demons as you drive.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, have you ever walked out of your house full of energy, but as soon as you started driving you felt sluggish or drowsy? In some situations, you may start yawning as soon as you drive.

If this has ever happened to you, I suspect you may have been under demonic attacks. In this article I show you ways of overcoming demons as you drive.

Satan’s tactic.

If the Devil fails to attack you elsewhere, he will command his demons to wait for you in your car. These demons will attack you as soon as you start driving.

You will soon start feeling weak, drowsy, and you may start yawning. These demons will put negative thoughts, instead of positive thoughts in your mind. You may start feeling frustrated.

Pray before you leave your house.

It is very important to pray before you leave your house. As you pray, cover yourself with the fire of the Holy Spirit, and the Blood of Jesus Christ. Demons may find it difficult to attack you after this prayer.

Pray for your car.

Pray before you enter your car. Lay your hands on your vehicle as you ask God’s angels to be with you as you drive. Cover your vehicle with the Blood of Jesus Christ to protect you from any demonic attacks.

Declare victory.

As you lay your hands on your vehicle, declare that no evil will come near you or your vehicle as you drive.

Praise and worship while driving.

As you drive, praise and worship God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Praise and worship are very powerful weapons against demons. All demons will flee.

Play worship songs.

If you are unable to sing, playing worship and praising songs is another way of chasing demons out of your vehicle.

Pray as you drive.

Praying as you drive is another way of keeping demons out of your body and car. If you do not know how to pray, then keep on praying the Lord’s Prayer. Demons will see God’s fire as soon as you start praying. They will flee.




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