Power when you pray in agreement with another person.

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Power when you pray in agreement with another person.
Power when you pray in agreement with another person.



By Makko Musagara


Power in Agreement

Dear reader, I don’t know whether you watch T.V. channels of the wild. If you do, you may have observed that a lone lion can only kill small animals. But when it agrees with one or more fellow lions, they will take down giant animals like elephants and giraffes. This is what agreement does.

The tallest building ever built.

One time the whole world had one language and they were all agreeing with one another. They were achieving a lot because of their agreement with one another.

Because unity brought them power, they agreed to build a very tall tower that would go over the clouds up to the heavens. They actually put up this structure that went over the clouds until it caught God’s attention.

The Lord got concerned and  scattered them from Babel over all the earth, and they stopped building the tower (Genesis 11:1-9).

Unbelievable achievements.

When two or more persons agree on doing something, I can assure you that they will achieve big things out of their agreement.

Husband and wife.

When husband and wife agree and work together, be sure they will achieve big things in their marriage. Husbands and wives should always restrain themselves for the sake of their unity and potential achievements.

Church members.

When church members agree with one another, that church becomes a very powerful force. That church will cause a lot of destruction to Satan’s kingdom.

Satan hates agreement.

The Devil hates persons who agree with one another because he knows they will achieve big things. This is why Satan fights hard to cause disunity.

Pray for unity always.

During your prayers, always pray for unity within marriages, families, communities and churches. When these institutions remain united, they will achieve big things that will scare Satan.



Prayer that blocks Satan.


The demonic spirit of division.


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