Prayer that sends earth tremors to enemy forces.

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Prayer that sends tremors to enemy forces.
Prayer that sends tremors to enemy forces.



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, you may find some difficulty believing what I am about to tell you, but it is true. You can pray a prayer that causes earth tremors in the camps of your enemies. Before I tell you about this amazing supernatural weapon, and my own experiences, let us first see what the Bible (the written Word of God) says.

Earth tremors that shook the prison.

In the  Bible Book of Acts chapter 16 Paul and Silas prayed and God caused earth tremors that shook the whole maximum prison in which they were bound. The tremors were so great that all prison doors opened, and the guards wanted to commit suicide (Acts 16:25-28).

My own experience.

I remember one time, about twenty years ago, I was battling powerful witchcraft attack on my life for three nights. On the first night of this attack, as I opened the door to my bedroom, the Lord opened my spiritual eyes. I saw, within the spiritual realm, a giant python slowly moving on the top of my bed. Then the vision disappeared.  Strange enough, my wife was also in the same bedroom, but she did not see anything. I did not tell her what I had seen for fear of scaring her. At first I thought I was mistaken, but as you are about to see, what the Lord showed me was real. On the first night I slept peacefully without seeing anything scary in the physical realm.

On the second night as I was preparing to go to bed, again the Lord opened my spiritual eyes and I saw the same giant python. This time it had made huge coils on the floor near our bed. The Lord instructed me to use the prayer of binding to render that python powerless. I applied that prayer and the serpent was actually bound. Within the spiritual realm, this python could not move anymore.

The prayer that caused an earth tremor.

On the third night, again as I was preparing to go to bed, the Lord opened my spiritual eyes that enabled me to see  our bedroom within the supernatural realm. I realized that the bound python was still in our bedroom, but motionless. As I was wondering what to do, the Lord instructed me to apply the prayer of casting away (Luke 11:20). It was this prayer that caused an earth tremor to the bound spirit. The bound demon left with such a force that our house, and the camps of my enemies who had sent this serpent, shook violently. After that earth tremor, I never saw that spirit gain.




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