Remembering These Six Things Can Land You in Hell

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Alt=Remembering These Six Things Can Land You in Hell
Remembering These Six Things Can Land You in Hell.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, Satan has a tactic that some Christians may not be aware of. He has instructed demons to attack Christians by reminding them their past. In this article I show you how you can miss Heaven by remembering these 6 things

Remembering your ex-lover.

After your new life in Jesus Christ, the Devil wants you to remember your ex-lover. Satan wants you to return to your old ways so that you miss Heaven. Reject such a thought as soon as it comes to your mind.

Someone who hurt your feelings.

By reminding you the person who hurt your feelings, the Devil wants to create bitterness in your heart so that you miss Heaven.

Angels will stop any person with a bitter heart from entering Heaven. Do not allow Satan to put that thought in your mind.

Remembering the “good old days

The Devil wants you to think that the “good old days” were better than your current walk with Jesus Christ. You may miss Heaven if you have such thoughts. Dismiss such ideas as soon as they come into your mind.

Your missed opportunities.

Satan wants to remind you of your missed opportunities so that you have regrets of your new life with Jesus Christ. A regretful Christian can easily miss Heaven.

Your past sins.

Satan may remind you your past sins to make you look unworthy. Reject such thoughts as soon as they come into your mind. You may miss Heaven if you entertain such thoughts.

Tell the Devil that our Father in Heaven has already forgiven you. You are now a new creation in Jesus Christ.

Your past failures.

Demons may immobilize you by reminding you of your past failures. Satan wants you to believe that you will make the same mistakes again. Replace such thoughts with your faith in God.

Fill your mind with the word of God.

Get used to reading the written word of God in the Bible. When you fill your mind with Bible verses, the Devil will find it difficult to remind you your past.




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