Satan fights your prayers

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Alt=Satan fights your prayers
Satan fights your prayers.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, when Satan realizes that your prayers are affecting his kingdom, he will do anything to extinguish your zeal. This post tells you how Satan fights your prayer efforts.

Attacking your emotions

By attacking your emotions Satan  knows he is attacking your prayer life. For example, he will send you spirits of anger because he knows you cannot pray when you bear anger in you heart.

You will never concentrate in prayer as long as the Devil sends you the following spirits:

1. Anger in your heart.  2. Bitterness. 3. Jealousy. 4. Malice. 5. Unforgiving emotions. 6, Fear 7. Worry. 8. Disgust. 9. Annoyance.

10. Regret. 11. Rage. 12. Sadness. 13. Loneliness. 14. Hopelessness. 15. Feeling guilty. 16. Feeling frightened. 17. Feeling disappointed. 18. Feeling hurt. 19. Feeling sleepy. 20. Spirit of tiredness 21. Spirit of feeling bored, 22. Spirit of feeling insulted, 23. Spirit of shame, 24. Spirit of humiliation,  25. Feeling depressed, 25. Feeling anxious, 26. Feeling heart-broken 27. Spirit of impatience, 28. Spirit of grief, 29. Spirit of sorrows, 30 Spirit of insecurity.

Reminding you your bad past.

If your prayers are disrupting the Devils kingdom, Satan may send you spirits that remind you of your bad past and your past disappointments.

How to fight back

Dear reader, God has given you the following weapons to fight back against Satan’s negative spirits:

1. Start prayer by praising and worship.

2. Cover your self with the Blood of Jesus Christ. No negative evil spirit will come near you when you are covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ.

3. Bind and cast away the negative spirits. For example, when you feel the evil spirits reminding you your bad past, pause your prayer and pray:


It is written that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven. In the Name of Jesus I bind you spirits reminding me of my bad past. I cast you away into the bottomless pit never to come back to me.


Do this for every negative spirit you feel is attacking you. You will feel free and I assure you, your prayers will become stronger.



Prayer that blocks Satan.




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