Satan uses the weak members

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Satan uses weak members
Satan uses the weak members



By Makko Musagara


Dear reader, I want to reveal to you one tactic the Devil uses to attack spiritually powerful persons or groups. When he fails to bring them down, Satan uses the weak members of their teams.

Why Satan initially fails.

The Devil initially fails to bring down powerful ministers, churches or other Christian groups because he cannot approach them. Every time he tries he sees fire or angels of God around them. He always has no option but to back off.

Powerful pastors.

Satan will use the weak sinful members of the church management to extinguish God’s fire from a powerful pastor.

Powerful Gospel preachers.

If he fails to attack a Gospel preacher, Satan will use a weak usher, a weak security person, a weak choir member or a weak technician to attack the preacher to ensure that few souls are won during the preaching.

Attacking choirs.

When Satan fails to bring down an anointed choir, he will look for any spiritually weak member to bring that choir down. For example, a choir may be singing anointed songs that turn listeners’ heart towards God or Christ. Satan will look for any choir member involved in sin. He will use that member as a point of entry to destroy that choir.

Intercession groups

An intercession group may be emitting fire every time they pray. This fire disturbs Satan. Satan will look for any of its members who is living in some sort of sin to bring that fire down.


When Satan fails to attack anointed and prayerful ministers of God, he will use a spiritually weak member of their families to bring them down.

Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Satan failed to overcome Jesus, so he used a sinful member of his team, Judas Iscariot, to betray him.

How to prevent Satan from using weak members.

Always pray for the weak members of your teams to prevent Satan from using them. Pray that they leave their sinful ways to become very strong team members.



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