Satan via electronic media

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Satan via electronic media
Satan via electronic media



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, you may find it difficult to believe what I am about to tell you; but it is true.  Satan and demons can actually pass through electronic media including computers, phones, TV, and radio.

How the Lord revealed this fact to me.

One calm afternoon I was lazily listening to a live football radio commentary when something strange happened. Suddenly I found myself in the spiritual realm. God started revealing to me the private life of that radio commentator I had never seen before. It was like I was watching a very high definition motion picture of this man’s private life. I saw him involved in disgusting sexual acts. The more he talked on radio, the more of his private life was revealed to me. I pleaded with the Lord to take away the images but they continued until my normality was restored. All this took less than 60 seconds. I prayed for this man to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal savior so that he does not perish into Hell. From this experience I confirmed that evil spirits can actually pass through electronic media.

Satan via the electronic media.

The Devil uses electronic media to attack and initiate individuals into the Satanic Kingdom. The most dangerous media is that promoting Satan, demons, witchcraft, pornography, and online dating.

How to protect yourself.

If your life is committed to our Lord Jesus Christ, I advise you to do the following:

  1. Live a life of prayer and always cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus Christ.
  2. Avoid any site promoting the Devil.
  3. Avoid any website promoting pornography.
  4. Avoid online dating sites.
  5. Avoid as much as possible non-Christian radio and television.
  6. Always plead the Blood of Jesus on your electronic media devices, including computers, TV, radio, and phones.

May the Lord continue protecting you.


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