Satan’s 10 tactics for Christians

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Satan's 10 tactics for Christians
Satan’s 10 tactics for Christians.



By  Makko Musagara


Satan’s 10 tactics for Christians

Of all the faiths on the Earth today Satan and demons fear Christianity most. Christians pose the greatest danger because Satan’s kingdom is threatened when they pray, fast, praise and worship their God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Christians are dangerous to Satan and demons because they represent five powerful supernatural forces: God – the creator of the heavens and earth, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and the Blood of Jesus Christ. For this reason Satan and demons do not sleep as they, day and night, devise ways of weakening Christians.  Below I give Satan’s 10 tactics to weaken Christians.

1. Satan and demons will fight to prevent you from reading your Bible, which is the Word of God.

If demons can prevent you from knowing the Truth, which is the Word of God, then you are not so much of a threat to them.

2. Preventing prayer.

If your prayer life is not strong, then you are not a threat to Satan and demons.

3. Causing disunity of Christians.

When Christians cannot join together in prayer, then they are not a threat to Satan‘s kingdom.

4. Causing anger to individual Christians.

Anger is one of the spirits Satan and demons use to gain entry into any Christians. As soon as you become angry, you open a door for other evil spirits to torment your life. Such spirits include Bitterness, Rage, Jealousy, Malice, Revenge, and Sexual immorality. When you become angry and your anger persists until you sleep, then demons will gain entry into your life as you sleep and cause sickness and loss of God’s blessings.

5. Causing unforgiveness.

Refusing to forgive will open a door for demons to torment you.

6. Causing grudges.

When you get involved in a grudge,  you are opening a door for many evil spirits to enter your body and oppress you.

7.  Satan and demons can cause a Christian to focus on earthly, instead of heavenly thing.

When you focus mainly on earthly things, you are no threat to Satan’s kingdom.


8. Causing a Christian to be proud.

Pride is of the Devil. Humbleness is of God. A proud person will soon fall while a humble person will always remain strong.

9. Causing divisions within Christian families.

Satan and demons know that a divided family cannot fight back.


10. Fear

Satan knows that a spirit of fear will cause your loss of faith in God.

11. Worry

Worry works in the same way as fear.

12. Sexual sins.

Through sexual sins Satan will gain entry into a Christian’s life and cause more evil spirits to torment him.


Prayer that blocks Satan.


Satan’s days are now numbered.


Your Internet search history to be displayed.


The minefield to Heaven.



Satan sees your dispatched blessings.


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