Satan’s attacking hours.

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Satan’s attacking hours.
Satan’s attacking hours.



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, Satan and his legion of demons do not attack humans anyhow. They have particular hours of operation. In this post I show you Satan’s planning and attacking hours.


Satan and demons generally operate at night because they rule under the kingdom of darkness. This is the reason most witches, most prostitutes, most thieves and demonic attacks occur at night. The second reason why Satan operates mainly at night is that most people sleep at night. When you are awake, your soul is strong and active.  It is under your sleeping state at night that the devil finds it easy to attack and weaken your soul.

Planning hours.

Satan and demons have planning meetings whereby they identify targets and lay strategies for attack. These meetings are usually held between midnight and 2:00am. This is why it is very important that you pray before going to bed. When you do so, you will be less affected by demonic attacks.

Attacking hours.

Most demonic attacks occur between 2:00 and 6:00am. Some Satanists and witches can only be efficient when operating under these hours. Many flying witches will never operate beyond 5:00 am because daylight disorganizes them.

Implications for Christians.

If you are a serious Christian, you must do the following:

  1. Always pray before going to bed. This prayer will protect your soul from demonic attacks.
  2. Pray just before midnight. This prayer will disorganize Satan’s planning meetings against your life. Read aloud one spiritual warfare Psalm (like Psalm 59) for your prayer to be more effective.
  3. If, you can, pray at 2:00 am. This prayer will hinder any demons Satan deploys against your life and family. Read aloud one warfare Psalm (like Psalm 35) to make your prayer more dangerous.
  4. Pray as soon as you come out of bed. This prayer will undo all the traps Satan laid for you at night. Read aloud one warfare Psalm (like Psalm 57) to bring God’s glory over your life and your family.



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