Satan’s terms and conditions

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Satan's terms and conditions
Satan’s terms and conditions



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, many people blindly accept Satan’s offers not knowing that he has his hidden agenda. In this post I reveal to you some of Satan’s terms and conditions.

No free offers

Satan’s first term and condition is that he has no free offer.


Satan and demons like drinking animal and human blood. If you are asking for small things, Satan and his agents will ask for animal sacrifices. If you are asking for big things, then human sacrifices, especially of close relatives, are a must.

Temporary offers.

Satan will never give you long-lasting offers. His riches, healing, fame, and other offers are only temporary. Time comes when they vanish and you go back to square one.

No friend

Satan has no friend. Even if you faithfully serve him, he will end up destroying you. Judas Iscariot was very faithful to Satan but he ended up committing suicide.

Abominable practices.

If you want big things from Satan, then be prepared to perform abominable practices like having sexual relations with the dead. One of the past leaders of Africa stayed in power at the cost of keeping several heads of dead human beings in his secret freezer. But even after keeping all these heads, Satan betrayed him and he was deposed. He died a very miserable man.

Abnormal living.

When you accept Satan’s offer, then be prepared to live an abnormal life. To some people he offers his riches and blessings on condition that they keep a large snake somewhere in their residences or businesses. To others he offers riches on condition that they never have sexual relations with humans. Others accept his offers on condition that they will never sleep at night.

Never satisfied.

Satan will never be satisfied. He will always want more sacrifices from you.

Eternal destruction.

Satan’s offers are given on condition that when you leave this world, you will end up in Hell where he is destined to go. These are some of Satans terms and conditions. Next time I will give you more.



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