Shamed by a demon

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Shamed by a demon
Shamed by a demon



By  Makko Musagara


There are many lessons I have learnt in ministry, and this is one of them. It is about a young man who was shamed by a demon. The lesson I learnt from this experience is that never attempt to cast out demons when you are living in sin, or before repenting your sins.

How demons shamed the young minister.

Several years ago I accompanied a friend to take a possessed woman to one of the churches in our city for deliverance. On reaching this church, we were disappointed to learn that the senior pastor was not around at that time.

My friend grew desperate and asked whether there was any other minister of God who could pray for the possessed woman. A young minister, whom we later learnt to be an assistant to the pastor, stood up confidently and assured us he is capable of casting out the troublesome demons.

As soon as he laid his hands on the possessed woman, something strange happened. Instead of submitting to the authority of Jesus proclaimed by this young man, a demon started manifesting in protest.

It said:

You are wasting your time, you cannot cast us out. You pretend to be an assistant to your pastor, yet we see you fornicating with a young woman in this church. You are living a lustful life and you have fornicated with several girls in this church. We will not go

The young man was so ashamed because he knew that the demon was telling the truth. He was living a life of fornication. He pulled his hands off the possessed woman and disappeared in shame.

From this experience I learnt that you must live a holy life or a life of repentance before attempting to cast out demons. Otherwise they will put you to shame.



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