Six curses for stealing another woman’s husband

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Alt=Six curses for stealing another woman's husband
Six curses for stealing another woman’s husband.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, a woman puts herself in grave danger if she steals the another woman’s husband. In this article I show  you the six curses for stealing another woman’s husband.

Guilt will stab your heart.

Prepare for heartache if you have stolen another woman’s husband, for the spirit of guilt will always stab your heart.

Repent to our Father in Heaven and ask the man to return to his legitimate wife.

You will never have peace of mind.

Peace of mind will elude you if you have stolen another woman’s husband. It is better that you advise the man to leave you in peace and return to his abandoned wife.

The tears of the other woman.

God our Father will judge you because of the tears of the other woman. Ask God our Father for forgiveness and take the man back to his rightful wife.

Satan will attack you.

All stolen things belong to the devil, since he is the master of all thieves. For this reason demons will attack you because of the stolen husband, and you will need a lot of prayers to be freed.

Problems for the man.

You will create a lot of social, medical, and financial problems for the man. That man may end up loosing his life because of the tears of the other woman.

I advise you to put the man in the car and return him to his legitimate wife.

A generational curse.

A woman initiates a generational curse if she steals another woman’s husband. The husbands of your daughters, your grand daughters, and your great-granddaughters will always be stolen by other women.

Then your grand daughters will ask themselves why this is happening, and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will tell them like this:


Because your grandmother stole another woman’s husband.


Entry into Heaven will be denied.

It will be very difficult for a woman who has stolen another woman’s husband to enter heaven. God’s angels will stop her at the gate of heaven quoting Hebrews 13:4 for her.

She will be directed to the road leading to hell.







Six curses for stealing another woman’s husband.




Do not lead us into temptation


What the Lord told me about “Lead us not into temptation”









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