Six signs of an evil spirit intrusion.

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Six signs of an evil spirit intrusion.
Six signs of an evil spirit intrusion.



Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may find it hard to believe what I am about to tell you, but it is the truth. Evil spirits are real.

During his ministry here on earth, Jesus Christ spent most of his time dealing with persons who had been affected by evil spirits.

In this article I show you six signs of an evil spirit intrusion into your life.

Mysterious pain.

If the pain in your body has no medical explanation, you may be under attack from an evil spirit. This evil spirit may be inflicting pain from inside your body.

Unexplained sickness.

Seek deliverance from Jesus Christ if medical doctors find it difficult to explain your sickness. An evil spirit inside your body may be causing this sickness.


The presence of an evil spirit in a person’s body sometimes results into dreams that may be threatening, upsetting, bizarre, or otherwise bothersome.


A nightmare can be a sign of an evil spirit attack.


Lack of sleep (Insomnia).

The presence of an evil spirit near or within the body of a person can cause insomnia. Our Father in Heaven and the Holy Spirit will keep you awake so that you fight this evil spirit through prayer.

If you persist in prayer, the evil spirit will leave your body.

Unexplained fatigue.

Evil spirits can deplete a person’s spiritual and physical energy. For this reason the presence of an evil spirit can bring unexplained fatigue, exhaustion, yawning and drowsiness.

Instead of going to bed, it is better that the affected person to invoke the intervention of Jesus Christ through prayer.


It is better to pray, than going to sleep.

Mental breakdown.

Sometimes evil spirits cause low self-esteem, fear, irritability, worry, feeling helpless, getting angry easily, withdrawing from other people, and losing interest in a person’s favorite activities. All these are signs of a mental breakdown.

Pray that a person with such signs is delivered through the power of Jesus Christ.




Six signs of an evil spirit intrusion.



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