Six signs you’re fighting with the devil.

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Alt=Six signs you're fighting with the devil.
Six signs you’re fighting with the devil.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, some people suffer thinking that they are dealing with ordinary circumstances, when in reality they are fighting with the devil.

In this article I show you six signs showing that you are fighting with the devil.

Unexplainable sickness.

If medical doctors find difficulty explaining your sickness, then know that you may be dealing with the devil. This is what happened to Job (see Job 2:7).

Pray, if you can, or get other persons to pray that our Father in heaven helps you overcome this attack.

A mysterious death.

If a death is mysterious or difficult to explain, then know that you are dealing with Satan.

This is exactly what happened to Job. All his sons and daughters died suddenly on the same day (see Job 1:18-19).

Pray that Jesus Christ prevents the devil from causing more deaths.

Unexplainable losses.

If your financial or other losses are difficult to explain, then know that you may be dealing with the devil. Job experienced similar losses (see Job  chapter 1).


The devil and demons thrive on blood. They will cause accidents to get the blood they want. Always pray before you enter any vehicle or aircraft.

Cover yourself and that vehicle with the blood of Jesus Christ to prevent Satan’s attacks.

Consecutive misfortunes.


My dad was not a Christian and he passed away in an accident when I was eight years old. Before his death, our family experienced consecutive misfortunes, but no one suspected that this was the devil attacking our family.

I wish at that time I knew the spiritual world as I know it now. I would have mobilized my family for a counter attack against powers of darkness.

The same thing happened to Job. If you read chapters 1 and 2 of the book of Job, you will see that the devil attacked him with consecutive misfortunes.

Pray when a misfortune comes into your life. Your prayer will prompt God  to stop more attacks from the devil.




Six signs showing you are fighting with the devil.


Prayer that blocks Satan.


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  1. Coleridge Jno- finn

    I know that the Holy Spirit lead me to your page, i was seeking help for who (was)mysteriously getting ill all of a sudden. I say thank you Holy spirit for your goodness and favour, and thank for your obedient son brother makko musagara.

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