Small sins leading to Hell.

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Alt=Small sins leading to Hell.
Small sins leading to Hell.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, many Christians will find themselves in Hell not because of big sins like murdering someone. These Christians may find themselves in eternal fire because of the simple sins I am going to mention.

Entertaining evil thoughts.

When you entertain any evil thought within your mind, that suggestion may be taking you closer to Hell. Ideas of sexual immorality, hatred and other sins can easily take you to hell.

A good example is a thought within your mind that says:


That woman is so beautiful, That man is very handsome or I don’t like that person.



Many Christians do not know that worry is a sin. Most time such Christians engage their minds with worries about what they will eat, what they will wear, their health, their accommodation, their children and their jobs.

They do not know that worry erodes their faith in God.  Worry is leading many Christians to Hell (Revelation 21:8).

Failing to pay back borrowed items.

Many Christians are not aware that it is a sin to fail paying back borrowed items, including money. This failure makes you a thief and a dishonest person. You are walking closer to Hell when you fail to clear a loan or paying back any borrowed items (Psalms 31:21).


When you think of or do anything that suggests hatred, then you are walking very close to the edge of Hell. You can fall into eternal fire any time.

When you replace hatred with love, then you are walking closer to Heaven.

Failure to pray.

When you pray, you are inviting Heaven into your life. When you fail to pray. you are inviting Hell to come closer to your life. This is the reason why failure to pray is a sin that may lead you to Hell. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


You may think that fear is something that comes naturally into your life. The truth is that when you become afraid, you are sinning against God (Revelation 21:8).

When you entertain fear, then you are walking closer to Hell.  When you replace fear with faith, you move away from Hell and walk closer to Heaven.



Small sins leading to Hell.


Prayer that blocks Satan.

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