Sorrow is better

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Sorrow is better
Sorrow is better



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, you may find some difficulty accepting the statement above, but it is the real truth. In God’s Kingdom, sorrow is better than laughter. If you were given an option of going either to a house of sorrow or to a house of laughter, I advise you to go to the former for the following reasons.

  1. Sorrow humbles you before God while laughter exalts you before God.
  2. Sorrow brings you closer to God while laughter works to drive you away from God. Why do you think God wants us to have times of fasting? Because fasting is like sorrow and it prompts God to respond to your prayers. I have never heard of any pastor in the world who advises individuals seeking God to go and party for two or three days.
  3. Sorrow makes your brains sharper and smarter. Most innovations we see today were a result of individuals who went through times of sorrows. A very good example is the light bulb in your home. It was discovered as a result of persons who were going through the sorrows of darkness.
  4. God uses sorrow rather than laughter to train his potential great servants. Look at King David; most of his Psalms are full of sorrows. If you think God will use you mightily in future then be prepared to go through a time of sorrows.
  5. The Bible has great men who were born as a result of sorrows. Isaac was born as a result of the great sorrows of barrenness Sarah had gone through. Prophet Samuel was born by a woman who had great sorrows. John the Baptist was a result of the great sorrows Elizabeth went through.
  6. You will learn very many good lessons when under sorrow. Laughter doesn’t teach you anything good.
  7. Our Lord Jesus left his residence of luxury in Heaven, came here on earth and went through great sorrows. As a result he saved human beings from eternal destruction and after his suffering God put His Name above all other names.

The good news is that sorrow is always temporary. After a short time of darkness you will see a beautiful long lasting sun rising up before your life.


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