The blog article that infuriated Satan

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The blog article that infuriated Satan
The blog article that infuriated Satan


By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, you may not believe this, but it is true. I had never seen Satan in such an infuriated mood, until I wrote this blog article. The Devil was so enraged by this article that he came personally and attacked me in my bedroom, but our Father in Heaven came to my rescue.

Satan reads my articles.

The Devil has his own computers, and he keeps on reading all the articles I write about him. Satan’s advanced computer system is found in his undersea world.

The blog article that infuriated Satan.

My article that infuriated the Devil is entitled: ‘“I will die with many Christians” swears Satan.

The Devil was so angry after reading this article that he immediately prepared to attack me.

How the Devil attacked me.

During the night, soon after publishing this article, the Lord opened  my spiritual eyes as I slept on my bed. The Lord revealed to me Satan’s undersea world. I saw the Devil resting, but in a very angry mood after he had read this article. What annoyed the Devil most in this article were his quotations that I had published. These were the exact words that Satan had actually spoken to his principalities, rulers, and authorities. In this vision, when Satan saw me, he jumped on me. I saw his long fingers squeezing my mouth. He wanted to suffocate me by gagging my mouth, which had quoted his words. This attack was so real and violent that my bed shook. My bed shook so violently that my wife, who slept by my side, woke up. She asked why the bed was shaking.

Jesus Christ came to my rescue.

Satan knows that I am just a messenger of God. I did not assign myself the work I am doing. It is my heavenly Father, creator of the heavens and earth, who commissioned me to write. If the Devil wants, let him attack God. But I know he cannot. Satan is afraid of God. As soon as my Father in Heaven saw Satan attacking me, he sent Jesus Christ and his army of angels to my rescue. The Devil saw a great light from Heaven descending upon my house and he fled! I have not seen the Devil since then.



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“I will die with many Christians” swears Satan.


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