The danger of sleeping with someone in a dream

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The danger of sleeping with someone in a dream
The danger of sleeping with someone in a dream.




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, consider it as a spiritual emergency if you find yourself sleeping sexually with another person in a dream. In this article I show you the danger of sleeping with someone in a dream.

Your body and spirit are most vulnerable while you sleep.

The body and spirit of a human being are strong when a person is awake. This is why Satan will wait to defile your body, spirit, and soul during your sleep.

The devil wants to contaminate your body, spirit and  your soul.

Satan hates our Father in heaven, and God’s kingdom. The devil’s goal is to recruit as many people as possible into the kingdom of darkness.

One way he does this is to send demons, looking like human beings, who will have sex with a sleeping person.

Such demons usually impersonate someone you know.


Satan’s goal is to rob you of all your spiritual purity.


The devil wants to desecrate your white heavenly robes.

Satan’s aim is to desecrate the heavenly white robes given to you by our Father in heaven. The devil does this by using demons that convert into beautiful or handsome human beings in your dreams.

Satan wants to deplete your spiritual energy.

When you sleep with someone in a dream, all your spiritual energy will be exhausted. The Holy Spirit will flee from you, and you will become powerless.

The devil will leave you with an empty body.

The devil wants to make a covenant with you.

By sleeping with someone in a dream, you are signing an agreement with the devil.


One of the ways Satan makes agreements or covenants with people is to have sex with them during their sleep.

A pact with the devil may bring misfortunes, curses, bad luck, infertility, marriage issues, unexplained health problems, and spiritual bondage.

If you pray immediately after that dream, Jesus Christ will cancel that agreement.

Get out of bed up and pray.


You must pray against Satan’s attack on your life.


After having a sexual  dream, you need to get out of bed quickly and pray for our Father in Heaven to cleanse all the impurities that Satan has placed in your life.

When you pray, Jesus Christ will nullify the covenant Satan has made with you.








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