The God of phases

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The God of phases
The God of phases



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, what I am about to tell you may shock you. God is the richest being in the whole universe. He has all the resources and the abilities to do whatever he wants in just only one day, or one second. He speaks and creations happen. Despite all his mighty abilities God does things in stages or call them phases. This attribute of God teaches us one major lesson: we should never hurry to do things.


God had all the ability to create the heavens and earth in only six hours, and resting on the seventh hour. He did not do this. It took Him six days to create everything and resting on the seventh day.

Growth of living things.

God had the ability to create living things in a such a way that they appear on earth in a fully grown state. This is not what He did. Instead, growth happens in stages.

Common mistakes made by man.

Instead of learning from God, I have seen people, including Christians making the following mistakes.

Wanting riches in the shortest time.

We can learn from God by starting small. Then he will gradually increase our possessions over years until we become very rich. It took Abraham so many years before he saw the riches God promised him.

Wanting quick promotions.

Let us give God time to train us for the next level of promotion. It took God many years to train David as a warrior and a great leader of his people.

Quick launch into ministry.

Our Father in heaven could have dropped Jesus as a fully grown man from the skies to start ministry direct on earth.This was not the case. It took  our Father in heaven thirty years (Luke 3:23) of patience to train Jesus before our Savior launched his ministry on earth.

Constructing buildings in record time.

Many buildings constructed in record time do not last long. Others collapse even before they are occupied. Let us learn from God by giving time to the necessary construction phases.

We need God’s patience.

I can go on giving examples of the common mistakes we make by rushing to do things in our lives. Let us learn from God and give him time to do his will in our lives at his pace.



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