The mighty power of your church offering

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Alt=The mighty power of your church offering
The mighty power of your church offering.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, there is a secret about a church offering that many Christians do not know. Satan and demons fear so much persons who are loyal to God with their church offerings.

The type of offering I am talking about.

I am not talking about the ordinary offerings of coins and one Dollar bills left after your shopping spree. Nor am I talking of an offering you give because you have been caught unaware at the time of offertories during a church service.

I am talking about the offering that comes of your heart, in proportion to the blessings of God in your life. You plan this offering well in advance of the Church service, and you first present it to God during your personal prayers in your home.


Why Satan fears your offering to Church.




The Devil fears your offering mainly because as soon as it is presented on your church altar, God will command his angels to take charge of your life.

These angels will ensure that you are blessed, and they will keep you and your family members well protected from demonic attacks.

Satan and demons may attack other houses, but not the house of a faithful giver in God’s Kingdom. Every time they try to attack a giver’s house they see something unusual that scares them away.


The poor widow never remained the same.



Dear reader, never at any one time ever think that the life of the poor widow giver seen by Jesus Christ in Mark 12:41-44 remained the same.

For a long time demons of shame, disrespect and humiliation had bound her, until she decided to give from her heart. With determination and great faith in God, she gave all she had.

When God in Heaven saw her offering, he instructed Jesus to commend her publicly. On that very day, Satan and demons stopped tormenting her life and home.

Demons of shame, disrespect and humiliation that had been binding her life left that very day. This old woman who was previously little known and despised suddenly became famous and honored.

For the past 2,000. years, this old widow’s name has been  mentioned in all the nations of this world where the Bible has reached.


Prayer that blocks Satan.


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