The three people I saw in Heaven

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The three people I saw in Heaven
The three people I saw in Heaven.




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, you might find this supernatural experience hard to believe, but it actually happened to me. In this article I tell you the three people I saw in Heaven

How I had this supernatural experience.

This experience came to me in form of a supernatural vision.

I was leading a team that was building our new church, and we were nearing the final stages of completion. What remained was the final design as well as the finishing touches on the pulpit area.

I had sacrificed a great deal of time, effort, and personal finances to complete God’s house so that glory and honor go to our heavenly Father.


The three people I saw in Heaven
We were completing the church stage.



This is what triggered this supernatural experience.

One Saturday morning as we were constructing the church stage I went to sit alone to pray in the empty new building.

My heart’s desire was to have a beautiful church stage that would please the Holy Spirit when he enters into  our church.

As I stared intensely at the pulpit area, I said these words within my thoughts:


I hear people say the Holy Spirit is like a person.

If he is a person, then he must  have a place where he lives.

I wish I knew where the Holy Spirit actually dwells,

so that I build him a corresponding beautiful stage in this church. 


God heard my thoughts!

You may find this hard to believe, but it actually happened. Our Father in Heaven actually heard what I said in my thoughts and he wanted to show me where the Holy Spirit dwells.

From this experience I realized that even though no one on earth can hear or see your thoughts, your thoughts resonate loud in heaven.

As you are about to see, my innermost thoughts on earth resonated loudly in heaven and God actually heard them. It was as if my thoughts had been remotely connected to the PA system in heaven.

God transported my spirit to Heaven.

As I slept that night, something unusual happened to me. I saw my spirit separate from my body and I found myself flying to heaven.

It was like an extraordinary dream in which I suddenly found myself at a white heavenly door.


The three people I saw in Heaven
Suddenly I found myself at a white heavenly door.

What I saw inside the white hall.

As I stood at the heavenly door, it opened by itself and I was able to look inside. I saw a white hall spanning about 35 km in length painted in bright white.

The white color of this room cannot be found anywhere on earth because the best white on earth would look dirty.

In the middle of this great room was something that looked like a  large table covered with a shiny white cushion.  On top of this cushion sat three persons dressed in white robes and seated in a triangular formation.

From the door where I was standing I could only see the face of one person because the other two persons were also seated facing this person.

The face of the person I saw was not ordinary because it looked like that of a dignified President of the whole universe.

What were the three people doing?

The three persons I saw were happily conversing with each other all the time. The person who looked like the President of the universe guided these discussions.

From this experience I discovered that our Heavenly Father is always  in discussions with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Even as you read this article right now, I believe that the three are happily talking to each other nonstop.

Strangely, I heard them talking, but I didn’t understand what they were talking about.

Invitation into the white hall.

The person whose face I could see waved me into the white hall, and  at this invitation something strange happened. I realized that my clothes were dirty compared to the white room.

From this experience I realized that no holy person on earth can compare with the holiness I saw in heaven. Realizing that my clothes were dirty,  I cried out like this:


Lord, I can’t come in because I will make your place dirty,

please let me go back to earth. 


Despite my pleas, the person who looked like the President of the universe insisted that I enter. Our Father in Heaven is too merciful because if it was not for God’s mercy, I would have been denied entry into this heavenly hall.

My dirty feet.

As I walked over to the large white table, I realized that my feet were leaving dirty marks on the white heavenly carpet.

I almost changed my mind and wanted to immediately return to earth right away but the Lord urged me to keep walking.

From this experience I realized that despite our weaknesses, our Father in Heaven always encourages us to continue seeking him with all our hearts.


The three people I saw in Heaven
 As I walked, I left dirty footprints on the white heavenly carpet.


What the Lord told me.

On reaching the great white table I knelt down, and the person who looked like the President of the universe thanked me for the church building works.

He informed as follows:

This is where the Holy Spirit lives.


After hearing these words I found myself leaving the great white hall at the speed of light and I woke up from this vision in my bed on earth.

I felt great heavenly fire within my heart as I reflected on this amazing supernatural vision.





The three people I saw in Heaven.



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