This short prayer can start war in heaven!

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Alt=This short prayer can start war in heaven!
This short prayer can start war in heaven!




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may not believe this but it actually happened to me. I was in great danger and  did not know what to do until this short prayer I prayed started a war in Heaven.

This was the danger.

One time my wife and I decided that we needed a new bedspread, so we put this item on our Saturday shopping list.

As we moved from store to store we saw in one of the stores a beautiful bedspread wrapped in a fashionable poly bag. Dear child of God, sometimes the beautiful things you see in this world may not be as beautiful as you think.

The store owner informed us that this bedspread was the only one left, and for that reason we bought it without any delay.

This was no ordinary bedspread.

If we had used our discerning spiritual eyes, we should not have purchased this bedspread because the shop owner was deeply involved in the occult and Satanism.

As you are about to find out, this was not an ordinary bedspread, and for this reason I advise every Christian to always first pray before buying anything.


Alt=This short prayer can start war in heaven!
This short prayer can start war in heaven!


A python on our bed.

The next night after this new bedspread was on our bed, something strange happened. As I slowly began to fall asleep, the Lord lit up my spiritual eyes and I saw something in the supernatural world that terrified me.

Suddenly I saw a big python resting on top of the new bedspread, and in a few seconds this supernatural vision disappeared!  I jumped out of bed terrified wondering whether what  the Lord had showed me was real.

I didn’t tell my wife what I saw for fear of scaring her.

God confirmed what I had seen.

On the third night  as I was about to get into bed the Lord again transformed my sight and I was able to see into the supernatural world.

This time I realized that the huge python had made huge coils on the floor of our bedroom. It opened its mouth wide open wanting to swallow me starting with my arms that were hanging from my bed.

The prayer.

I confirmed that indeed there was a spiritual python in our bedroom, and I quickly jumped out of the bed to wage a spiritual battle through prayer.

The prayer I said went like this:


It is written in the Bible that whatever we bind on earth  shall be bound in Heaven.

In the Name of Jesus Christ I bind you spirit of a python.

War in Heaven.

This prayer may look simple, yet when I prayed  something great happened in the heavens. God’s warrior angels were activated, they quickly went to the heavenly storerooms and grabbed the huge heavenly chains.

The angels started dropping these supernatural chains in our bedroom. There was a great spiritual war in Heaven and in our bedroom!

Without anyone touching them, these chains started to function on their own, as if they were remote controlled by the angels in Heaven.

The chains started binding the huge python with  a mighty force until it was completely rendered powerless. This python wanted to run away, but it was held tightly on the ground by God’s heavenly chains.

It was as if I was watching a fiction movie, but this was a real battle in the supernatural realm.

The huge python was reduced to something small.

You might not believe this supernatural force that was used by God our Father, Jesus Christ, and God’s angels.

Without any mercy the heavenly chains bound and squeezed the giant python until it reached the size of a water bottle.

The python demon was cast away.

On the forth night, as I was about to sleep, the Holy Spirit opened my spiritual eyes again and I started seeing the supernatural world. I realized that the bound python was still in our bedroom.

So I asked the Lord why this bound serpent was still in our bedroom.

This is what he told me:


Because in your prayer you bound the giant serpent,
but you did not cast that evil spirit away.


I quickly got out of bed and cast away the evil spirit in the Name of Jesus Christ. It left with such a force that our house shook violently.

We never saw that python spirit again.

The conclusion.

The Lord instructed me to tell all Christians that during their  prayers and spiritual wars, they should always use the supernatural weapon Jesus Christ mentioned in Matthew 18:18




This short prayer started a war in Heaven!




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