Websites to Satan’s prison.

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Websites to Satan’s prison.
Websites to Satan’s prison.



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, Satan has set up websites that act as traps to lead careless Christians direct into his prison. Once you enter Satan’s prison, it will take you a lot of praying, fasting, and prayers from anointed ministers of God before you are freed. In this post I show you those websites that will lead you direct into Satan’s prison.

Nudity websites.

Any website promoting nudity will lead you to Satan’s prison. If you are a true Christian, never open such websites.

Sex acts.

Any Christian focused on going to Heaven should never open any website promoting sex acts. Such websites will lead you direct into Satan’s prison.  You may have to attend many deliverance sessions before you are freed.

Sex toys.

Sex toys are of the Devil. If you were saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ, never click websites promoting sex toys. They will lead you direct into Satan’s prison.

Erotic stories.

If you were saved by Jesus Christ, never go to websites promoting erotic stories. They are gateways to Satan’s prison.

Dating sites.

Most dating sites are operated by Satan himself and his demons. I have seen many people whose troubles started after following online instructions given by their newly found dates. Such websites are gates to Satan’s prison. You will have to attend many deliverance sessions before you are freed.


These are very dangerous websites taking you to Satan’s Maximum Prison. A Christian washed by the Blood of Jesus should never even type this word in your search engine. Thousands of demons will invade you if you do so. Your mind may be permanently distorted by images on these websites.

What a true Christian should do.

If you are married and God saved you by the Blood of Jesus, be happy with the partner God gave you. Seek satisfaction only  from the partner God gave you.

If you are still single, be patient. Always pray to God to keep you pure and to give you the right partner. He will reward your patience.



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Satan’s days are now numbered.


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