Why slap another cheek?

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Why slap another cheek?
Why slap another cheek?



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, some Christians are confused by Jesus’s teaching of turning to your enemy the other cheek for another slap. “How can I allow my enemy to triumph over me?” – they say. In this article I show you why you should accept to be slapped on another cheek.

Satan’s trick of provocation

Jesus spoke those words from a spiritual point of view. In the spirit world, Satan and demons find it very difficult to enter and disorganize the lives of true Christians because they are always surrounded by fire, angels and the glory of God. The Devil and demons realized that the main way of breaking that protection is by causing anger in a Christian person. When a Christian gets angry, God’s fire, angels, and glory vanish. A door opens for the legal entry of demons in that person’s life.

How to make a Christian angry.

Satan and demons discovered that the easiest way of getting a Christian angry is through provocation. Many Christians cannot withstand provocation and, as a result, they become angry hence opening a door of entry  for demons in their lives. While inside your body, these demons will create bitterness, anger, rage, revenge, and intentions of killing someone. This is why Jesus equated anger to murder. If not careful, anger may actually lead you to Hell. This is why the Bible tells us never to go to bed with anger or else many demons will enter your life.

Do not be bothered by provocations.

When Jesus instructed Christians to turn the other cheek for slapping he was actually telling us not to be bothered by provocations. When faced with provocation, do not be prompted into anger or retaliation so that you do not open a door for the entry of demons in your life. By turning the other cheek you are actually sealing God’s protection around your life. When you are not bothered by provocation then you will not become angry. When you avoid anger you will intensifying God’s glory, angels, and fire around your life. It will become very difficult for demons to enter your life.

Turning the other cheek is a weapon.

When you are not provoked by insults or angered by an evil person, then demons will instead turn to your provocateur to ruin him. This is exactly what happened to Daniel and his friends. They did not resist being thrown into fire. God delivered them and instead their accusers were the ones who were burnt to death!



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