Witchcraft is real!

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Witchcraft is real!
Witchcraft is real!

Witchcraft is real!


By  Makko Musagara


Witchcraft is real!

I live on a continent where witchcraft is rampant. In this post I share with you my real life experience with demonic powers that resulted from witchcraft In summary I can say that witchcraft is real but Jesus Christ is more real and he is the only one to protect you from witchcraft.

A new vehicle at my place work.

About two years after receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I got a very good job that involved much travel to different field stations in our country. Due to nature of our community work, a brand new Toyota Hilux double-cabin pick up was bought to ease our movement. Since no driver had not been recruited yet, I was often allowed by management to drive myself from our head office to the field stations.

A new driver takes the vehicle to a powerful witch.

Several months later a driver was recruited for this new vehicle. One thing he hated was seeing me driving myself in this truck. As he strongly believed in witchcraft, he talked to a powerful witch who asked him to take this vehicle to him.  The witch made some concoctions which he placed on the front and rear tires and in the engine section. He was placing all these concoctions as he pronounced to the driver that: “No one will ever drive this vehicle except yourself”.

I drive myself

I recall it was a Friday afternoon when I decided to drive myself to one of our field stations 130 km from our head office. After praying to God for his mercy and protection, I set off.  About 6 kilometers into the journey, I felt that something was wrong. I could not keep the vehicle into a straight line. Instead, a force was pushing it to the right where vehicles from the opposite direction were coming from!  It was only by God’s power that I kept this vehicle in control. At about 40 km I stopped at a large SHELL fuel station for a check on my tires. The mechanics assured me that the tire alignments and pressures were in perfect condition.

Driving over a large snake

About 80 km into the journey it was becoming dark and I saw a large snake across the road. I could not tell whether it was dead or alive, but I just drove over it.  As I went over it I heard the voice of the Lord telling me that:  ”Do not fear. You will overcome all the evil forces”.

Noise in the bonnet

I was left with about 30 km to my destination when I heard some shaking noise in the bonnet. I said in my heart I would not stop until I reached our field station. At my destination I opened the bonnet to find out what was making noise. To my shock I found that all the bolts that were holding the battery in position had got lose! Now the battery was only being held by the negative and positive terminals! If I had gone over a rough road, these battery terminals may have easily connected to other engine components to cause fire. I thanked God for His mercy.

Day 2: A revealing dream.

On the second day of this field trip, I had woken up in the morning and standing outside my motel room. Then a lady co-worker, whom I did not even consider religious, asked me a question. “Makko, are you sure your life is O.K? I had a strange dream about you”. I eagerly wanted to know the dream so I requested her to tell me.

“In this dream I saw that Toyota Hilux double-cabin” she said as she pointed to our field vehicle. “I then saw Shipo and Lokut” (real names changed. These were two actual drivers at my place of work).  “In this dream I saw them placing a large snake near the front wheels, and second large snake near the rear tires. Then after that they sat on a nearby cliff laughing as they said ‘Let us see how Makko will drive that vehicle!”.

“In this dream you had killed one of the big snakes but the second one was still alive, though it appeared weak”.  That was the dream this lady told me.   Immediately I heard this dream I went to my motel room and thanked God for this revelation. I was like Daniel after God revealed to him what Nebuchadnezzar had dreamt (Daniel 2:19-23 ). God had revealed to me my two enemies and what they had done in secret.

A Leaf Spring bar breaks into two!

On my second day I and my two co-workers were supposed to drive to second field station that was about 50 km away. Barely had I driven twenty kilometers when we heard some noise below the truck. I stopped and asked Fred, my co-worker to check what may have gone wrong. He informed me that one of the Leaf Springs had broken into two! I could not believe this. How can a new strong bar break into two? We were really dealing with powerful demons. At this point I became spiritually angry. I don’t know where I got the words from but I found myself suddenly saying: ‘It is written that  “Whoever digs a pit will fall into it; if someone rolls a stone, it will roll back on them” (Proverbs 26:27) Within three days, whatever my enemies wanted to happen to me will happen to them’. Then we left for the second field station.

The huge old tractor tire.

As I was driving back to our head office, I had to drop a few items at the home of one of our managers. As we were unloading these items, something strange happened. We saw a group of boys trying to lift a huge old tractor tire off the ground. After they stood it up, they could not control it as it began rolling downhill where our vehicle was parked! It came at high speed and if I had not pushed it sideways, it could have done a lot of damage to the front door of this vehicle. Thank you Jesus.

God’s counter attack

Back home I thought about the strange occurrences and how God had protected me thorough this field trip. Then deep in the night I got a strange dream. I this dream I heard the voice of the Lord telling me these words: “I am going to show you the power of My Word you quoted in Proverbs 26:27”  Then, in this vision, the Lord took me to the project vehicle I had been driving. The bonnet of this vehicle opened by itself and to my shock, I saw a large snake coiled all around the engine of this vehicle.  Then, still in this dream, I saw the words in Proverbs 26:27 come over the snake in the engine. Immediately it was hit by the words, the snake slowly uncoiled itself until it stood straight in the air and it flew over a distance of 40 km to our head office where a vehicle usually driven by the two men (my co-worker lady had seen in her dream) was parked. The snake started coiling around the engine of this vehicle and afterwards it kept quiet inside the closed bonnet.

God’s Word makes destruction

On the third day  after the strange events I was seated in our Data Room when the lady co-worker we were with in the field came running to where I was seated. She said: “Makko, your God is real, and powerful!”  When I asked her why, she narrated to me how Shipo and Loket had a few hours ago survived death narrowly. The vehicle they had been driving had broken into two.

From then onward they never performed any act of witchcraft against me. Praise be to Jesus Christ who always redeems us from the powerful hands of our enemies.




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