Worship chased away a demon!

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Worship chased away a demon!
Worship chased away a demon!



By  Makko Musagara


Worship chased away a demon!

Dear reader, you may not believe what I am about to tell you; but it actually happened. Before I tell you this amazing incident, I would like to tell you something about the supernatural.

How demons appear in the supernatural realm.

If God one day opens your spiritual eyes to look into the supernatural world, you will be shocked by what you see. In the spirit world some of the demons appear as serpents, apes, cats, rats, caterpillars, evil birds like owls, or spirits of dead persons.

For example, someone may be feeling intense pain in one of his limbs. In the supernatural you may actually see a serpent coiling around the affected limb!.

How worship music drove a demon out of my finances.

One day I was working in my office when I decided to play, in low volume, a worship song called “Jesus, Name above All Names“. I had played it for about one hour when something happened. Though my eyes were focused on the computer,  suddenly everything in my office disappeared. I could no longer see the computer, the desk, the book shelves, the fan, and the whole building. I found myself seeing into the spirit world.

In this spiritual state, I saw a bag of cash with bank notes under my desk. Also, I saw supernatural power waves created by worship coming out of  the computer speakers. The worship waves were continually flowing towards the cash bag when something suddenly happened. I saw a rat abruptly jumping out of bag and it vanished at great speed!.

Then, in a few seconds, things went  back to normal! I could now see the computer, the desk, and other items in my office.  A few days after this incident, my finances that had gone bad were restored!  Worship music had chased away the demon that was stealing my finances!

Play worship music all the time.

From this experience, I have never stopped playing worship music everywhere I am. I advise all Christians to play worship music always in their homes, work places and while they are driving. This worship will drive away demons that have been bothering your life.



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