You are a Christian wrestler!

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You are a wrestler
You are a Christian wrestler!



By   Makko Musagara


Dear reader, you may not believe this but it is true. You are a wrestler! Not like a professional wrestler of the world who wrestles against flesh. You are a Christian wrestler whose opponents are in the spiritual realm. You are constantly super-kicking, strangling, binding, knocking out, and casting out of the ring demonic forces.

What specifically makes you a Wrestler?

The very day you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you got wrestling opponents in the spiritual realm. God knew that you would be a spiritual wrestler so He made and gave you a wrestling garment made of Salvation in Jesus, Truth, Righteousness, Faith, His written Word, and the Gospel of peace.

How you unknowingly carry out daily wrestling.

  1. When you pray, you are choke slamming evil forces (demons) in the spiritual realm. You have to live a life of prayer so as not to lose these wrestling competitions. The more you pray, the more you strangle demons and they run out of breath. God’s angels will assist you to overcome.
  2. When you go into praising and worshiping God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, you are indirectly neck breaking demonic spirits. The more you worship and praise the more are demonic forces against you are defeated.
  3. When you fast, you are drop kicking evil forces. Fasting strangles demons that come up against your life.
  4. When you read God’s Word in the Bible, you are power bombing Satanic forces that do not want you to hear from God. Reading the Bible brings God’s glory upon you which chases away evil forces in the spiritual realm.
  5. When you use the weapon of binding, you are actually strangling demonic forces.
  6. Calling upon the Name of Jesus is like using a super kick against evil spirits. The Name of Jesus will knock Satan and demons out of the ring.
  7. When you resist the Devil through acts of righteousness, you are actually holding a metallic chair ready to strike. Satan and demons will fear you and flee from the ring.


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