12 Signs of demonic attacks.

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Alt=12 Signs of demonic attacks.
12 Signs of demonic attacks.




 Makko Musagara




When you are under demonic attacks you will live an abnormal life. You will sense something wrong going on, though you may not know what it is. Even those near you may not know what is happening to you. Below I give 12 Signs that you are under demonic or witchcraft attack.

A person experiencing demonic attacks can only be set free through prayer using the power of God our Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

1. Nightmares, especially dreams involving snakes.

While sleeping, evil spirits interfere with the victims dream life. Anything holy is replaced with evil acts and images. Dreaming snakes is a major indicator of demonic and witchcraft attacks.

2. Excessive anger, rage, resentment or irritation.

You are under the influence of demons.

3. Misfortunes and unexplained losses.


4. Negative confessions.

Statements like: “I am good as dead”, “I am finished” “I will never succeed”, “Everyone hates me”, “God never hears my prayers” show that a person is under demonic attack.

5. Strange occurrences

For exdample when a bird a bird makes its droppings on your head or clothes.

6. Regretting all the time.

Evil spirits want you to think that you made bad decisions in the past. This can have damaging effects on your mind and body when it turns into fruitless rumination and self-blame that keeps you from moving forward.



7. Confusion

Demons may cause confusion. You feel as if you can’t think clearly. You might feel disoriented and have a hard time focusing or making decisions. 

8. Tendency to draw towards evil.

Demons will want you to focus on the Devil’s evil kingdom instead of God’s.

9. Unexplained illness


All unexplained sickness is from Satan and demons.

10. Sudden body pain

11. Giving up, especially on God’s promises.

12. Suicidal tendencies.

Demons will want you to end your life. They do not want you to achieve the good things God has prepared for you.

13. Unexplained Financial Losses.

Demons will always steal and mess up your finances.



14. Accidents.

Many accidents are caused by demonic influences.

15. A spirit of resignation.

Demons want you to resign from many good things in your life.






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7 Responses

  1. Karen Cook

    I woke with a bruise in the middle of my back between my shoulders in the shape of hand prints. My back hurt like someone had hit me. Both my husband and I were asleep. His ex-wife practice witch craft.

  2. james

    I have never believed in god. (Or the devil)

    But over these last few years, things are changing, in my life and in the world around me. I’m thinking differently, hearing differently, seeing differently, and not in a good way. The more I look into this, the more I am becoming convinced that something has attached itself to me.

    Every one of these ‘signs’ can be attributed to the stresses of every day life, but it feels like there’s something else.. something more to it.

    I’ve lost every meaning to all the things in my life, and I am just crawling by, day by day. I see what is happening in the world, and I can’t decide if it gives me faith, or strips me of it.

    Casting them out does not seem to have any effect, and I am left feeling the same, if not, worse.

    What am I supposed to do?
    I feel as is God is not with me.
    I feel as if he never was.

    Why am I feeling this?

    • Makko Musagara

      Dear Brother,

      I was like you. Everything was meaningless, until I met Jesus Christ who changed my life. Starting today, start talking to our Father in Heaven. Tell him all your problems, and he will always help us. To start this relationship, do as follows:

      1. Say the Lord’s Prayer.

      2. Then pray this prayer:

      “Father in Heaven, I come into your presence in the name of Jesus Christ. I thank you for giving me life. Father, I have been going through a difficult life. Please forgive me for the sins I have committed in your sight. Forgive me for my unbelief. You said in your written word that every person who calls upon Jesus Christ will be saved. I open my heart now for Jesus Christ to come into my life. Lord Jesus, cleanse me of all my sins and fill me with the Holy Spirit to guide my daily life. In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen.

      After this prayer, you will gradually become a new creation in Jesus Christ. If you talk to our Father in Heaven daily, you will see your life changing for the better.


    • Michele Hubbard

      The Lord has changed my life in such a way that the Holy Spirit gave me the tools to move the shadows out of my life. Don’t be too quick to say there is not God because he is real just as the evil spirits are real. Shadows followed me for years and tormented me trying to get me to kill myself with even giving me suggestion on how to do it. These are evil spirits and they oppress the mind. I could give you far more details regarding my battle with the shadows that limited me in my life for many years. I can tell you that today I still see them but they can no longer oppress me because my God is real and he doesn’t allow them to cause me harm or depression anymore. I do pray you find peace soon.

  3. vince

    I keep seeing the same thing in my sleep, everytime it comes my ears start ringing and i’ve heard it speak before. I’ve heard it speak and I’ve heard the voice of someone speaking over an old radio for some reason lol. everytime he visits me it’s always pitch black and there’s always extremely high pitched ringing in my ears. It gets angry whenever I think about my mom (passed away in 2018) or when I think things like “god please help me” (i’ve never believed in god or the devil) and the ringing gets louder and the background noise gets louder and sometimes I see it’s eyes. It gets angry everytime I think about anything even remotely positive. there was this one time when it came to visit me while i was asleep again and again it went pitch black and my ears were ringing, and for some reason I felt the angriest i’ve ever been. I thought to it and i was telling it “i’m going to fucking kill you”. this thing keeps haunting me in my sleep and at this point it’s too many coincidences for me to just call it normal sleep paralysis.

  4. James

    So I’ve experienced sleep paralysis 3 times all within the last year and every time it was like a weight on my chest and I couldn’t breathe screaming out for help but can’t hear anything..it was very frightening but earlier today I fell asleep in the afternoon for maybe an hour and it happened again but was different this time..I know I was being attacked by something not good that wanted to hurt me…this demon or whatever it might me was dragging me out of my bed and trying to drag me through my bedroom door as I was fighting and cursing at this dark shadow..I was screaming out for my mother that has been deceased for 14 years now..I felt like I was almost awake and something jumped on my back and was tearing and ripping at me trying to pull me away to somewhere…I’m scared to go back to sleep cuz this experience was so much more terrifying than the other 3 previous experiences that I had..I’m not a religious person and never have believed in God or the devil or any of that stuff but I’m beginning to wonder

    • Makko Musagara

      Please read my other blog articles about spiritual warfare. Start living a life of prayer, binding and casting out, applying the written word of God, etc.


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