How Satan gets God’s permission to tempt Christians.

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Alt=How Satan gets God's permission to tempt Christians.
How Satan gets God’s permission to tempt Christians.




Makko Musagara




Satan cannot tempt or put a Christian under trials without God’s permission, for it is written:


 Are not two little sparrows sold for a [a]copper coin? And yet not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will.


  Mathew 10:29 


Below I mention how Satan secures God’s permission to tempt and try Christians.

1. Satan, is an angel who, like the holy Angels, was created by God. Genesis 2:1


2. Satan has the same abilities as the holy Angels of God except that he has a very wicked heart.


3. Like his holy angels, God left Satan with the right to access His heavenly presence  (Genesis 28:12, Job 1:6, Job 2:1)

4. Satan always waits when God’s holy Angels are presenting themselves before God and he joins them to present himself before God as well  (Job 1:6 and Job 2:1)


5. When Satan reaches God’s heavenly presence, his practice day and night is to accuse Christians before God that they are not as faithful as God thinks  (Job 1:9-10, and Revelation 12:10)


6. After these accusations, Satan pleads for God’s permission to go and tempt Christians (Job 1:11)


7. If we do not pray as Jesus told us:

And lead us not into temptation,[a]
    but deliver us from the evil one. 

(Mathew 6:13) 


God will go ahead to give Satan permission to tempt us. (Job 1:12, Job 2:6).


8. Like many Christians today, Job did not know about Satan’s heavenly malicious activities; so he did not pray to God not to lead him into temptation. Since God has faith in all His believers, He went ahead and gave Satan permission to tempt Job. Hear what God told Satan:

The Lord said to Satan,


Very well, then, everything he has is in your power, but on the man himself do not lay a finger.Then Satan went out from the presence of the Lord


(Job 1:12).


Let all Christians be aware that God still gives out these permissions to Satan to tempt Christians.


9. After securing God’s permission, Satan went ahead to put Job under different trials.

10. In order to prepare all Christians against Satan’s accusations, God used Jesus Christ as an example. As Jesus started his ministry on earth, Satan was so worried so he started accusing Jesus before God. God had all his faith in Jesus Christ. He knew Jesus could not let Him down. Therefore  God gave Satan permission to tempt Jesus! If God did not spare Jesus Christ, how about us?

11. During the temptation of Jesus, it is God himself who led Jesus Christ to the Devil to be tempted!

Mathew 4:1 says:


Then Jesus was led by the [Holy] Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.


God still does the same thing today by leading Christians into temptation. God himself does not tempt anyone. He only leads believers to the Devil who does the temptation.

11. After this experience Jesus started praying daily that our Father in Heaven does not lead him again to the Devil to be tempted. When he started preaching, Jesus advised all his believers to pray daily that our Father in Heaven does not lead us into temptation.


And forgive us our sins, for we ourselves also forgive everyone who is indebted to us [who has offended or wronged us].
And [a]lead us not into temptation [[b]but rescue us from evil].  

Luke 11:4


12. Today Satan accuses Christians day and night before God (Revelation 12:10) seeking His permission to go and tempt them. If we do not pray daily to God that He does not lead us into temptation, then God will give Satan permission to tempt us.



Prayer that blocks Satan.

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  1. Ann Valentine

    Please pray for my husband and I have been battling against this witch for 15 years to keep her from killing my husband.. I am at a hard place right now!! And is very desperate to know what to do next… i have sent you a Gmail. Thank you, sincerely Ann Valentine

  2. Frederick Hill

    My name is Frederick, I hail from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am Native American, and I come from a family that strongly believes in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit! I have had a life very blessed, and even when I would sort of fall away from holding on to the iron rod of God, I could always feel His holy presence. I lived in Minneapolis for most of my life, went to church, had a girlfriend, lived my life free spirited. I had problems with cocaine for a few years, insomuch that I went to addiction treatment in January 2021. I graduated a month later and went home. Some problems arose, there was a death in the family, my mom became senile, and she sold her house. Shortly after that I stated hearing whispers in my ear upon waking. These whispers seemed to be already in progress even before I was awake. As if they were going on all night long while I was asleep! These whispers would say ugly, evil things like: you’re no good Fred, you’re ugly Fred, you’re using cocaine Fred. Yes, it would actually call me by name. As things progressed I would notice that it was copying everything I would say in my mind right back to me! Mirroring my thoughts. I did my best to ignore it. But whenever I would succeed it would get mad and start repeating my last thought over and over again, until I would relent and start thinking about it again. I noticed that when I would turn my mind totally from it I would experience freedom from it. But when I would think about it just a little bit it would give me headaches. Pretty soon I started having conversations with it. When I would do this it seemed very content, and became more powerful. I noticed that it wanted me to think about it constantly. It was trying to change me! It seemed to be almost psycho analyzing me! It knew what I was thinking, and it would take my thoughts, and try to turn them into a paranoid adventure. It took me a few months to realize that what was occurring was something that exists on a spiritual plane of existence. At first I thought that someone was living between the floor and ceiling in my house, and was playing a sick joke on me. Next I thought that I had a chip implanted in my brain. Then I thought it was aliens. It went on and on in a demonic cycle, and I kept thinking it was one thing or another. However I could actually feel it moving with me as I walked. Sometime it seemed very close, and other times it seemed much farther away. But it would always read my thoughts. I noticed that when it would mirror my thoughts back to to me it would begin by saying “He said”, or “He’s leaving”, or “He’s going to”. For example if I thought that I would go to the store, it would say, “He said; I’m going to the store”! I became aware that there were at least 2 personalities behind these attacks. One was feminine, one masculine. The feminine personality attempts to make me think it’s my friend, while the masculine thing is clearly against me. However I have noticed that this is just a rouse. They are both evil, and are both trying to deceive me at every turn. It spends a great amount of time trying to convince me that there is no God, or that He doesn’t love me, or that He doesn’t care about me, etc. However, I have maintained my faith. I know that He does in fact exist, and that He does love me dearly. I have rejected the paranoid thoughts that I have a brain chip, or have been abducted by aliens, or that someone is playing a cruel joke. And I know that it is not human beings reading my mind. I have somewhat trained my mind not to think about them to often, but have not become completely successful. One other factor I must mention is that is seems to have the power to affect electronics, and electrical devices. For example the headlights on my car act very weird. When I turn them on they blink funny, or even do not work at all. I brought

    my car to a shop and they cannot find anything wrong at all. Also, they seem to have the power to fool with my phone. Turning it on and off almost at will. It can also close me out of certain apps. This phenomenon seemed to have occurred very often when I owned an android, and only when I would be thinking of it very strongly. That’s another thing I want to mention. Fear. It seems to thrive on fear, and negative emotion. When I feel good it seems to have way less power (which isn’t that often). It also seems to have the power to affect other human beings that are in my vicinity. It seems to try to create conflict wherever I go. And even though I know I have made much progress in thwarting it’s ability to make me think in a negative/paranoid manner, I still feel it is around me trying to infect my mind with all kinds of baloney! For a long time it concentrated on saying “Cocaine Fred, cocaine”! Matter of fact it still does. However, that doesn’t bother me anymore. I have prayed to my Heavenly Father long and hard about this, and he has completely taken away any urge I had to do drugs of any kind (or in any amount). Even when I wasn’t tempted to do it, just being able to hear an unseen being saying “Cocaine Fred, cocaine” to me all the time was disturbing, and nerve wracking! However, He has even taken the irritable/sensitivity I had to those word combinations! Pretty amazing don’t you think? So, I have tried many things, and I have had limited success. However, He most certainly is with me, I know it! Thank you Heavenly Father! Thank you Lord God! Praise Jesus Christ! Now I must explain why I am out here in Benton Harbor, MI. I was at my place in Minneapolis, MN when I had a horrifying dream. In it I was somewhere in the United States that had volcanic activity. There were many geysers all around me. They weren’t erupting, but I had to be very careful so as not to step in one. Pretty soon I came to an ancient desert place. There was old rock formations all around me. I stumbled into a place that had many lizards. I noticed a snake, a frog, a turtle, and what I can only describe as a small dinosaur. I looked up different dinosaurs on the internet and I found the exact one I encountered in my dream. It was a dilophosaurus. Also known as a “spitter”. I know it is that one because the only time in real life I ever saw one was in the original Jurassic Park movie when Newman (Actor: Wayne Knight) was attacked by one in his attempted flight from the park after stealing dinosaur DNA. Anyways, back to my dream. I encountered this dilophosaurus, and it opened it’s mouth, and unfolded it ears to try to make itself look bigger then it really was. At first I was startled (not really afraid). Then I looked down at my right hand and noticed that I had a wooden baseball bat in my hand. Without thinking I raised the bat to strike down the lizard, and immediately it backed down! However it did not go away, it just stood there looking like it didn’t know what to do. Obviously it knew I wasn’t afraid of it, and that I was posed to attack. Next I was taken from the scene of the lizard, but I was still in the desert. However, I noticed that the Savior was there. He was aware of me but wasn’t exactly focused on me. It seemed that He was on a mission. He looked kind of sad. Pretty soon people became aware of Him too, but they looked sad as well. I wondered to myself, how can people be sad? The Savior is here, how can they be sad? That’s when I realized that these people that were sad are not good people. They were sad because their reign of evil was over! When I woke up I had a very strong feeling to flee the city. So I jumped in my car and just started driving. And that’s how I ended up here in Benton Harbor, MI. I have faith that Jesus wants me right here, right now! But I know I have a problem. I know that I am being attacked by demons! I know I need help. Maybe you can help me? If it be the will of my Heavenly Father, then so be it! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen!

    Sincerely Yours,

    Frederick Hill
    (763) 329-6540

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