33 things will happen as soon as you start praying

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Alt=33 things will happen as soon as you start praying
33 things will happen as soon as you start praying.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, as soon as you start praying to our Father in Heaven, very many things will happen in the spiritual realm. In this article I have selected only  33 things that will happen as soon as you start praying.

  1.  You will attract the attention of our Father in Heaven. God will focus his eyes and ears on you.

  2. You will attract the attention of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He will focus his eyes and ears on you.

  3. You will attract the attention of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will come where you are.

  4. You will attract God’s heavenly presence. The atmosphere where you are will change.

  5. You will attract the presence of God’s angels. They will come and be with you.

  6. Satan will flee from you.

  7. Demons will move away from you.

  8. Satan’s chains that were binding you will break and start falling from your life.

  9. Your body will be healed of any diseases or ailments.

  10. You will attract the Kingdom of God to come where you are.

  11. God will start fighting your battles.

  12. God will start defeating your enemies.

  13. Your body, spirit, and soul will be filled with spiritual energy.

  14. Your body will be strengthened with physical energy. You will start feeling like Samson.

  15. God will start converting curses upon your life into blessings.

  16. God’s angels in Heaven will get materials to continue building your house in Heaven.

  17. If you repent during your prayer, God will wash all your sins away. You will become a clean person.

  18. God will start revealing to you things in the spiritual realm.

  19. God will give you supernatural ideas for your prosperity and wealth creation.

  20. Your dream life will change. Instead of dreaming being chased by demons, you will dream when you are the one chasing demons.

  21. Your defeat will turn into victory.

  22. God’s angels will bring blessings from Heaven.

  23. All the doors Satan had closed in your life will start opening to release God’s blessings.

  24. Your family and other people will be blessed because of your prayer.

  25. You will move further away from Hell.

  26. Your life will move closer to Heaven.

  27. Your mind will start thinking of heavenly things, instead of earthly ones.

  28. When you pray, it becomes easy for you to forgive those who have done you wrong.

  29. After praying for your own life, God will use you to intercede for others.

  30. Death will run away from you.

  31. Life will come you and your family members.

  32. Your action of praying will please our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

  33. You will invite peace within your life. All turmoil will move away from your life.




33 things will happen as soon as you start praying.



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  1. Teresa

    Makko, I thank you for your blogs….. I can see, there are lots of topics. Topics of which, I needed to see and read. I’m going to be looking all of these up and writing down all the scriptures that is in them. I do need to come back to God with all that I am. Still, I need to know, which Bible, should I read these out of? Please, do let me know.
    Again, thank, you for your blogs. I will be reading them all.

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