A spiritual husband who resulted from pornography

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Alt=A spiritual husband who resulted from pornography
A spiritual husband who resulted from pornography.





Makko Musagara





Dear reader, many people wonder where a spiritual husband (incubus) or wife (succubus) originates. This article  shows that pornography is actually one of the sources of  spiritual husbands and wives.

Spiritual husbands and wives are invited by the victim.

From the many instances I have seen, spiritual husbands and wives don’t come to a person accidentally; not even by force.

On the contrary a person, at one stage of his or her life, freely and unintentionally invites these evil spirits.  This is unknowingly mainly done through sexual carelessness, the occult, as well as pornography.

You unknowingly sign a covenant with the devil.

The moment  a person starts viewing pornography, something spiritual  suddenly happens. You unknowingly sign a spiritual covenant with the devil.

That agreement allows a spiritual husband or wife to come unrestricted into your life.

Consequently, these spirits will come at will and have sex with the victim without any hindrance. Most important, it will become very difficult to expel these spirits because of the covenant.

After the victim realizes these attacks, it takes a lot of prayers and fasting, as well as repentance to break that covenant.


Your spiritual eyes record all pornographic images.

The devil knows this truth I am about to tell you. Pornographic images are recorded in the eyes of a person viewing these pictures and they will be reproduced as you approach the gate to Heaven.

These images can only be erased by the blood of Jesus Christ only if you truly repent before our Heavenly Father, and you completely stop watching pornography.




Satan uses pornography to assault and defile God’s people.

Pornography is used by the devil to send thousands of spiritual husbands and wives into people’s lives. These demons sexually attack and defile God’s people to ensure they don’t enter Heaven.

It will take a lot of prayers, fasting, and the power of the Holy Spirit to nullify the covenant and cast away the spiritual husband or wife.

You will not be allowed to enter Heaven.

Meanwhile, God’s angels will be scanning all the spiritual eyes of people who want to enter Heaven. Accordingly, people with pornographic images within their eyes will not be allowed to enter (see Revelation 21:8).

When the angels see you approaching Heaven with eyes full of pornographic images, they will lock the heaven’s gate and move away.



Avoid pornography.

When you avoid pornography, you save yourself from spiritual covenants, and you prevent the entry of spiritual husbands and wives into your life.





A spiritual husband who resulted from pornography.



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