Empty files in Heaven

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Empty files in Heaven
Empty files in Heaven



By  Makko Musagara


Empty files in Heaven.

Dear reader, you have a file in heaven. I also have one there. In fact, every person on earth has a file in heaven. It is the content within these files  that differentiates them all. Some are full or three quarters of written records, others are half or quarter full. Then there are files that are completely empty. They do not have even a single written record.

Contents of files in Heaven.

God assigned his angels in heaven to record each and every person’s activity according to the divine assignments God gave them.

Divine assignments.

God has given each person on earth a divine assignment. Many people on earth are not aware that they have divine assignments because they have never bothered to find out.

How I knew my divine assignment.

God called me to write as a way of promoting his Kingdom on earth. It was very difficult for me to know that this was the assignment God gave me. Then one Sunday morning during a church service something happened.

The preacher abruptly interrupted his sermon and went into prophecy. I was seated at the very back of the congregation but he pointed at the precise position where I was seated. He said these words:

You man, God is calling you but you are still hesitant. He says you know what you supposed to do, and he does not want you to delay anymore.” he said. “I see you with a pen writing, and writing, and writing. Do what God assigned you to do without any delays” he concluded.

This was my confirmation of God‘s assignment upon life.

How to find out God’s assignment for your life.

The first step is to seek God. Do this mainly through prayer, reading his written Word in the Bible and attending church services.

The second step is to ask God in prayer what his assignment for your life is. Find a quiet time and place, go on your knees, start with the Lord’s Prayer and then talk to God as follows:

My Father in Heaven; I come to you in the name of Jesus.

Lord, I know you have a divine assignment for my life on earth but I do not know exactly what you want me to do. Father, please show me, in one way or another, what you want me to do on earth according to your plans in heaven. I pray this in Jesus’s name. Amen

After this prayer, start observing day by day signs of God’s assignment for your life. He will reveal to you his assignment in one way or another. When you discover your assignment, do it with all your heart so that angels have good records to put in your file in heaven.



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