How demons stop Bible reading

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How demons stop Bible reading
How demons stop Bible reading



By Makko Musagara


Dear reader, Satan hates you when you start reading the Bible. He will send his demons to do anything possible to stop you from reading God‘s Word. This post shows you how demons stop Bible reading.

Why Satans and demons fear your reading of God’s Word.

As soon as you start reading God’s Word in the Bible, the glory of God will come upon you. You will attract the attention of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God’s angels. A flame of God’s fire will surround you. (Read here how a supernatural event happened to me one day as I was reading the Bible). The Devil hates all this because it disorganizes his Kingdom. He will command his demons to distract you. Below I give you 16 ways demons stop Bible reading.

1. Demons will incite a person to come where you are for one reason or another.

2. A child or baby will start crying.

3. If you did not switch off your phone, demons will cause people to start ringing you.

4. Someone will call your name.

5. Something (demons) will prompt you to do something else. For example, to go and watch TV.

6. Demons may remind you of your personal problems so that you loose focus.

7. Demons may make you doubt God’s Word.

8. Demons may cause you to start dozing or to feel sleepy.

9. Demons may cause something to annoy or irritate you.

10. Demons may cause some loud noise to disrupt your Bible reading.

11. Demons may cause eating to disrupt your Bible reading in one way or another.

12. Demons may cause someone to make negative comments about your Bible reading.

13. Satan may cause sudden changes in the weather.

14. Demons may remind you of your bad past.

15. Demons may remind you of your sins (which Jesus has already washed away!)

16. Demons may make you think that God does not answer your prayers.



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