How to calm storms in your life

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How to calm storms in your life
How to calm storms in your life



By  Makko Musagara


How to calm storms in your life

Dear reader, there are two secrets I want to share with you about any storm that may come into your life. When you get to know these secrets, you can command any storm to subside!

Secret number one.

You may find some difficulty believing this, but it is the real truth. All storms – physical, mechanical, social, family or personal  – have ears. They can actually listen to you when you speak.

How a fierce storm subsided.

I remember one time I was in my bedroom and I saw the window curtains swinging from side to side. When I opened the window I realized that a wind storm was blowing fiercely outside and the tree branches near my house were all bending to that storm.

Fearing that tree branches may fall and damage my house, I shouted from the window commanding the wind storm to subside. After that command I closed the window and sat on my bed.  You may not believe this, but it happened. Within five minutes the fierce storm had subsided!

Secret number two.

The second secret is that God has given you the power and authority to give commandments to any storm you may encounter in life.

One time the disciples were with Jesus in a boat and a fierce storm developed over the lake. They were so afraid that some started thinking of death. What surprised them was that Jesus was not bothered.

They were not aware that Jesus has a secret weapon. The weapon of giving commandments to storms. He used this authority to rebuke the storm and it immediately calmed down (Mathew 8:23-27).

Start commanding storms.

Dear reader, stop being scared by storms of life. When they come, be sure that they have ears. Use your God-given authority to command them to blow gentle, or to stop blowing completely.

The storm subsided.

I remember one time I was seated with my wife and I realized our ordinary discussion was slowly turning into a hot exchange of words.

Remembering the secret weapon of talking to the storms, I excused myself and went to a nearby room where I locked myself and prayed. I commanded the developing storm to stop.

When I went back to where I left my wife, I found that her mood had changed. We all forgot the past and started a new joyful conversation.




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