The Prayer that Satan cannot block

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The Prayer that Satan cannot block
The Prayer that Satan cannot block



By Makko Musagara


Dear reader, some Christians are worried that their prayers may not reach God due to demonic road-blocks. In this post I want to give you a particular type of prayer that the Devil and demons cannot block.

Prayer in your mind.

God is in constant contact with your mind. This is why it is very important to keep your mind holy. When you rid unholy thoughts out of your mind, you can pray to God through your thoughts without opening your mouth. This type of prayer is so powerful that God answers almost immediately.

Communication in Heaven.

In His original plan, God intended that we communicate with Him through our minds. I have read many accounts of people who went to Heaven; most of them confess that God, Jesus, and angels communicated with them through their minds.

How God revealed this prayer to me.

When God started using me, I soon discovered that He was responding to questions and worries I had in my mind. In most cases God’s answers came through particular verses He gave me when I opened the Bible. The other way God answers prayers in my mind is through dreams. I would think or be worried of something and when I sleep God gives me an answer in a dream.

God answered what was on Joseph’s mind.

The Word of God tells us that when Joseph realized that Mary was pregnant, he planned in his mind (Mathew 1:19) to divorce her quietly. God saw what was on his mind and immediately sent him an angel to prevent his intentions.

Jesus answered people’s thoughts.

After Jesus healed a paralyzed man in Mathew 9:1-2, the teachers of the law said in their minds: “This fellow is blaspheming”. Jesus responded to their query of minds immediately as indicated in Mathew 9:3-4.

Sanctify your mind.

If you want pray to God using your mind, then you have to sanctify it by keeping unholy thoughts out of it. Focus on God’s Kingdom and He will answer the prayers of your mind in one way or another.




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