Satan uses your past.

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Satan uses your past.
Satan uses your past.



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, your earthly life is made up of two chapters. The first concerns your life before you knew Jesus Christ. Satan ruled over this chapter. The second part is made up of your life after Salvation.  Jesus Christ reigns over this second part of your life.  Because the latter chapter of your life matters most, the Devil is often using your past to spoil your life with Jesus.

How God revealed to me Satan’s tactic.

I remember something strange that happened years after my salvation. I liked so much listening to radio programs of old songs of the 1970’s because they reminded me of the ‘good old days’. All these songs were worldly as none of them ever mentioned God the Father, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit.

One Sunday evening, after listening to a radio program of the ‘Oldies”, I went to bed and something happened to me.  During my sleep I had a strange dream. In this dream I saw myself in bed with a very old woman of about 90! How could this be when I had taken many years without talking to any old woman of that age? As the dream continued I was about to enter into an act with this woman when I suddenly woke up! I was so scared.

I sat on my bed wondering why I had got such a dream.  As I was still wondering about this dream, a voice came from heaven into my heart saying “God is warning you. From today onward stop listening to radio programs of the Oldies (old songs). If you continue, demons linked to those songs will drive you back into the world”. Since that dream, I have never listened to the Oldies programs again. Instead, I listen to praise and worship Gospel songs.

Forget your past.

When you receive Jesus Christ, you become a new creature. Satan will send you demons to remind you of your past but do not accept. Focus on God’s Kingdom and on any activity that will lead you to Heaven.



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