Your white robe

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Your white robe


By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, when you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, God gave you a very clean white robe, though you may not see it with your physical eyes. You can only see this white garment in your dreams as you sleep or when you have a gift of discernment. This post is about your white robe.

Benefits of your clean robe.

If you keep your white garment spotless, then no demon will come near you. This robe will be your armor against enemy attacks. It will enable you to go through all the road blocks to Heaven. It is the same spotless robe that angels guarding Heavens gates will recognize and let you pass.

Satan’s robe

When he was still serving in Heaven, Lucifer had a very clean brilliant-white robe. His garment was like that of the heavenly angels. But when he rebelled against God, his robe got instantly stained in dark color. This is why the Devil is always represented in pictures putting on dark stained garments.

How your robe gets stained.

It is sin that makes your robe dirty. Every sin you commit puts a dark spot on your white garment. Examples include sexual sins, anger, bitterness, unforgiving hearts, witchcraft, and stealing.

How to make your robe spotless again.

God gave you Jesus Christ to make your robe spotless again. When you call upon the Name of  Jesus Christ and truly repent of your sins, your robe will become brilliant white again.

Keeping your garment always white.

Stay away from sin and live a life of prayer and repentance. This will always keep your robe brilliant white. You will be like the wise young women who were prepared at the wedding and kept their lamps filled with fuel. May God bless you as you look after your white garment.

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