How God stops Satan

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How God stops Satan
How God stops Satan

How God stops Satan


By Makko Musagara


Dear reader, if you practice what I am going to tell you in this post, God can stop Satan from tempting you or from putting you under trials.

Why Job suffered.

Job walked faithfully with God but he did not know much about Satan’s celestial operations. You will never defeat your enemy until you get to know how he operates. Like many Christians today, Job did not know that the devil had the capability to go before God in heaven (Job 1:6). He did not know that Satan was daily accusing him before God (Job 1:9-10). He was not aware that God could give Satan permission to come on earth and tempt him (Job 1:12).

Why Jesus was tempted only once.

Remember that the same devil that put Job under trials is the same that tempted Jesus, and is still operating today. At the beginning of his ministry, Satan succeeded to secure permission from God to tempt Jesus. God had a lot of confidence in Jesus that he permitted Satan to tempt him. After that permission, it is God himself who led Jesus to the devil to tempt him (Mathew 4:1) When Jesus realized that Satan was always getting permission from God to come on earth to tempt believers, he did one thing that turned tables against Satan. He started to pray to God daily that He does not give Satan permission to tempt him again(Luke 11:4). God was faithful to Jesus’s daily prayer request. He never gave Satan permission again to tempt Jesus. This is what Jesus wants us to do daily.

Jesus has given you a weapon.

Dear reader, Jesus has given you a weapon to stop Satan from tempting you or from putting you under trials. Our Lord indicated this weapon in the Bible. He is advising you to pray to God daily that He does not lead you into temptation. Jesus always pleaded like this and God never led him again to the devil to be tempted. Jesus wants you to pray daily as  follows:

“… and lead us not into temptation..”

If you daily pray like this, God will daily stop Satan and demons from tempting you.



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