Satan fights choirs

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Satan fights choirs
Satan fights choirs



By  Makko Musagara


The devil hates choirs and worship teams because they disrupt demonic missions against Christians. This is why Satan fights choirs and worship teams. In this post I will show you some of the ways Satan does this.

Fighting choirs and worship teams through sexual sins

Satan does not need to fight all the members of the choir or worship team; he only needs one weak person in that group. By weak I mean a team member who can easily be enticed into a sexual sin. If he gets one, then he will get the rest. For this reason choir and worship team members have to guard their sexual lives very carefully so that they don’t open doors for demons to enter their lives and the lives of other members of their group.


Satan and demons may fight choirs and worship teams through gossip. When choirs meet, the devil will make them gossip instead of practicing. Some of this gossip may be ruining the group or the ministry they belong to.

Causing disunity

Satan and demons will start with one individual in the music team to cause confusion in the group which leads to disunity. Prayers will be weakened by this disunity.

Causing problems with individual members

The devil may cause problems to individual members of the worship group. This will weaken the group and instead of concentrating on music they will spend time praying for individual members.


Satan will cause pride in one or more members of the choir. He will think he is better than others and this will create hatred in the team.

Causing personal grudges

Satan may cause personal grudges between members. This will weaken the choir or worship team.

Disrupting choir practices

The Devil may disrupt  choir or worship team practice as a way of hindering these groups.



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