Satan’s air crafts

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Satan's air crafts
Satan’s air crafts



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, you may not believe this but it is true. The Devil has air crafts that transport his agents and clients from one part of the world to another. Unlike man’s airplanes, Satan’s air crafts are simple. They may be in the form of a simple rug, a mat, a dried animal skin, or the most commonly known Satanic aircraft – the broomstick.

How Satan’s air crafts work

These air crafts are powered by demons. They are invisible to the ordinary eye. They can only be spiritually discerned. They cannot be detected by radar and they can fly to any destination on earth without fear of violating air spaces of sovereign countries. It is reported that in the African country of Malawi, some witches in the north can tell you to sit on a mat and close your eyes. In a few minutes they ask you to open your eyes – only to find yourself walking along a street in your chosen city in USA!

Witches given maximum altitude in Swaziland.

Satan’s air crafts are so real that in the African country of Swaziland, the Government has set 15o meters as the maximum altitude witches can fly. Read: Witches in Swaziland banned from flying 150 meters or higher.

No flying zones for Satan’s air crafts.

Even though the Devil has this startling mode of swift transportation, his air crafts have one major limitation. They cannot fly over air space where Christians are praying, worshiping, and praising God.  In addition, they cannot fly over the homes of dedicated Christians who pray daily covering their homes with the Blood of Jesus Christ. Their flights are always interrupted if they pass over such homes.

You can deny landing rights to these air crafts.

Dear reader, you can deny Satan‘s air crafts landing rights to your property by pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ always on your home, your other buildings you possess, your trees, your animals, your crops, your vehicles and every thing that belongs to you. In addition, declare God’s Kingdom everywhere you step tour feet. That territory will become a no go areas for these air crafts.





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