You would rather tithe

You would rather tithe.   By Makko Musagara   You would rather tithe. Dear reader, I do not own any church, so I am not interested in people bringing me their money. What God has given me is already enough. … Continued

Sin opens for Satan

Sin opens for Satan.   By  Makko Musagara   Sin opens for Satan. This goes to all Christians who have maintained Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. As long as you walk in righteousness and holiness, Satan will … Continued

Sign of Satan’s presence

Sign of Satan’s presence.   By  Makko  Musagara   Sign of Satan’s presence Dear reader, some Christians may leave this world without ever seeing Satan with their physical eyes. Yet he has been doing havoc in their lives. Is there … Continued

Top 10 things that annoy Satan

  Top 10 things that annoy Satan.   By  Makko Musagara   Top 10 things that annoy Satan. Dear reader, in this article I would like to share with you the top ten things that annoy Satan most. 10. Any … Continued

Your actions replicated in heaven

Your actions replicated in heaven.   By  Makko Musagara   Your actions replicated in heaven. Dear reader, you may not believe this, but it is true. Most of your actions on earth are replicated in one way or another in … Continued

Focused on Heaven

Focused on Heaven   By  Makko Musagara   Focused on Heaven. We live in a world of the unknowns. You want to know more about someone near you, but you can’t. You want to know if the person next to … Continued

Clear the way for Jesus

    Clear the way for Jesus.   By  Makko Musagara   Clear the way for Jesus. I usually drive along a road often used by the Presidential motorcade. What I noticed is that there is always a lead police … Continued