Things that obstruct God’s voice

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Alt=Things that obstruct God's voice
Things that obstruct God’s voice.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are many times in a sad state. They always want to talk to Christians on earth directly on a personal basis but there are many obstructions. Many Christians are preoccupied with a lot of worldly cares that take up their minds.

God wants to talk directly to many individuals without using Scriptures, pastors.  preachers, prophets or special messengers. In this article I give you the top five things that obstruct God’s voice from reaching your mind. Let me start by telling you something about your mind.

Your mind.

Your mind is the number one place where all Heaven interacts with you. As such, God planned that your mind should be the holiest place within you to enable that interaction take place. Heaven does this interaction by putting its suggestions and ideas within your mind for you to take action.

When your time comes to go to Heaven you will realize that in Heaven the inhabitants do not talk like we do here on Earth, They interact through their minds. You think about something and the other person understands without talking. One time Jesus practiced this type of communication when he read what was on the minds of the Teachers  of the law. The conversation of minds was like this:

Teachers of the Law said in their minds:


This fellow is blaspheming!


  Mathew 9:3


Jesus Christ read their minds and said:


 Why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts?


Matthew 9:4

The Devil knows that your mind is supposed to be the holiest place where God puts his ideas for your action. For this reason Satan is always fighting to see that your mind is defiled with things related to sexual immorality, pornography, anger, hatred, fear, worry, and all the sins mentioned in the Bible.

Below I mention the top four things that prevent Heaven from interacting with the minds of many Christians.


Many Christians, especially the young generation, spend a lot of time using their smartphones on things unrelated to God’s Kingdom.


Television takes up the minds of many Christians to the extent Heaven has no time to interact with their minds.

Preoccupation with work.

The minds of many Christians are preoccupied with work-related thoughts. Heaven has no space in these minds to put ideas from God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.


Many times God fails to put his ideas in the minds of many Christians because the Lord finds such minds filled with gossip.



Things that obstruct God’s voice.


Prayer that blocks Satan.


Your Internet search history to be displayed.


The minefield to Heaven.


Satan sees your dispatched blessings.




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