Your wife hates this!

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Your wife hates this!
Your wife hates this!



By  Makko Musagara


This is to all married men. You may find it difficult to believe this, but it happened to me. The lesson I learnt is that when you are with your wife, never express any warm approval of another woman. I believe even your wife hates it when you do this.

How it all started.

One time I was seated with my wife watching the evening prime time news presented by a woman. I said: “That woman presents the news so well. She has a good voice” I did not realize that my wife was offended by my comments as she kept this offense to herself.

A few days later we were watching news on the same channel by the same newscaster and I made the same comment. This time my wife got out of control, took the remote and immediately changed to another news channel. I realized she had been angered by my praise of another woman.

How God bailed me out.

About two weeks later I was again seated with my wife watching the evening prime news on the same channel with the same woman I mentioned above as the news caster. Aware of what happened previously, I changed tactics and I said: “That woman is always dressed shabbily!” This comment pleased my wife and she did not change the channel.

Another time I said to my wife about the same woman presenter: “That woman should change her salon, her hair always looks bad”. Again I realized my wife was pleased by this comment. Since then I either make bad comments or make no observation at all about other women. My wife has since never changed the channel.

To all married men.

From this experience I learned that if you want to keep your marriage, never praise anything good about other women when you are with your wife. Always make bad comments about other women. Even if the other woman is more beautiful, change everything and tell your wife: “I don’t like that woman’s looks”. This will please your wife and you will be at peace with her.  She will know that she is the best.


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