Curses of a mistreated wife.

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Curses of a mistreated wife.
Curses of a mistreated wife.



By  Makko Musagara


Curses of a mistreated wife.

This is to all husbands. You will hinder God’s blessings to your life if you mistreat your wife.

A man of sorrows.

There is a man who used to attend the church my wife pastors. He was always having problems  with his health, businesses, and with his marriage.

Later I discovered that he was mistreating his spouse with whom they had four children. He was cheating on her, always quarreling with her, and spending most of his earnings on other women.

One day I wanted to help him get out all these troubles, so we sat down with him and told him as follows.

  1. You have had four children so far with your wife. But you have never visited her parent’s home. I want you to arrange this visit. Do not worry about the gifts you are to take; our church will help you. This visit will please God and all your in-laws.
  2. You have been with your wife for many years; but you have never wedded her in church. I want you to arrange a day for that wedding. Do not worry about the wedding costs because our church will take care of all that. This function will please God, your wife, and your in-laws.

The man’s answer.

I was shocked by the answer this man gave me. He told me that this wife is not what he wanted in his heart.

“Then why have you had all the four children with her?” I asked him. He had no answer to this question.

“You have wasted a lot of her time. Maybe she would have got a better man if you had not continued with her.” I told him. Again, he just kept quiet.

Since I did not want to force him do anything he did not want to do, I left him alone. Up to now he is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Results of a mistreated wife.

Up to now this man is in a confused and cursed state. He cannot divorce his wife because of the four children.  He cannot bring a new woman when he is still with his current wife.

The last time I heard of him was that he fell off his bike and broke his right leg.

If he had followed my advice, he would be a very prosperous, healthy; and happily married man.



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