God saved maid from rape

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God saved maid from rape
God saved maid from rape



By  Makko Musagara


God saved maid from rape

I remember one time I used to keep two house helps. One, a young woman in her mid twenty’s (call her Annette) who took care of the kitchen, laundry, and interior house cleaning.

The second, a young man (call him Gershon) in his late twenties, whom I and my wife assigned exterior cleaning, gardening, security issues, and opening or closing the main gate to our compound.

Our Saturday shopping plan.

I still remember this particular day well. Early morning I had told Gershon that I and my wife would be away shopping most of that day. All our children were in boarding schools, for that reason if we left, only Annette and Gershon would be the only ones at our well fenced home.

Rape plans.

I was not aware that for some time before this day, Gershon had been planning ways of having forced sex with this Annette. It seems he had one time approached her  ‘diplomatically’ but Annette had rejected his advances.

When I provided him with the information regarding our absence for the whole day, he decided in his mind that this was the right day to execute his rape plan. The Devil used these wicked ideas to enter him. This  day he opened the gate earlier than usual to enable our quick departure.

God suddenly warns me.

Already dressed up, I sat on my bed waiting for my wife to do the same. Then, suddenly something happened. The Spirit of God prompted me to reach out for my Bible that I kept nearby.

The Lord led me to open this Bible randomly. The page I opened had Luke chapter 22. Then, like a butterfly coming  out of a flower, verse 3 supernaturally flew gently of the page into my eyes!  This is what it said:

Then Satan entered Judas, called Iscariot, one of the Twelve.”  Luke 22:3 

I always know when it is the Lord talking to me. This was God talking directly to me. At first I could not understand why he had brought that verse to my attention. Then I got to know that the Lord was warning me about something, though I did not know what he was warning me about. I was sure Satan had entered into someone I did not know and that person was about to do something bad.

I treated this warning as a matter of urgency and asked my wife to stop whatever she was doing so that we pray over this warning verse. After this prayer we left home for the city shopping.

Back home.

On our return home in the evening, I saw Annette briskly walking to meet my wife, as if to tell her something urgent. As she cried, she murmured to my wife wife many things I could not hear because of her low  aggrieved tone. The more she talked, the more I saw my wife’s face becoming more alarmed. I knew that Annette was reporting something very serious.

God prevented the rape.

When my wife joined me I asked her what the matter was. “Gershon tried to rape Annette! “, she told me. “He chased her around our house several times until she got tired and ran into our children’s bedroom”.

God’s miracles never end.

Annette was already very tired. The very moment Gershon was about to do the sinful act, God caused a vehicle to come at our neighbors home, next to ours. The driver hooted non-stop wanting our neighbor to open for him.

When Gershon heard this hooting, he thought I and my wife had come back home. He quickly  composed himself, fled the scene and ran to our gate only to find that the hooting vehicle was at our neighbor’s  gate!  Our prayer before leaving home activated a miracle that saved Annette!

Gershon fired.

This is how God prevented a rape in our own house. We paid Gershon all his dues and fired him that very day, as we praised  God for his faithfulness.




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