Christians who malice others.

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Christians who malice others.
Christians who malice others.



By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, you may not believe this, but it is happening. I have seen Christians who malice fellow Christians to hinder their progress. This post is about such malicious Christians.

Malice is of the Satan.

When you malice a fellow Christian then be sure that you no longer belong to Jesus Christ. You have become Satan’s agent by entertaining his spirit of malice.

Demons will enter your body.

When you entertain the evil spirit of malice, you open door ways for other demons to enter your life. These include anger, bitterness, murder, poverty, and demons of sickness.

You will never progress.

If you are a Christian and you malice a fellow Christian, be sure you will remain stagnant. You will never progress in life. God will cancel any achievement you make.

You will face God’s wrath.

Many Christians are under Abraham’s covenant. God has promised them that He will curse all those who curse them. Therefore, if you malice a fellow Christian, be prepared for God’s curses upon your life.

Your malice turning into blessings.

I have seen this happening. God sometimes turns people’s malice into blessings. This is exactly what happened to the children of Israel when they were in Egypt; the more they were maliced, the more they multiplied! (Exodus 1:12).

You are sowing a sour seed.

When you are a Christian and you malice a fellow Christian, you are sowing a sour seed that will germinate as curses in your children. They will suffer because of your actions.


When you are Christian and you malice someone, be sure Hell is waiting for you.

How to overcome the spirit of malice.

Beloved, always bless others instead of malicing them. Pronounce words of blessings on their lives, their work, and their families. Let the words ‘God Bless you” always come out of your mouth. If you do this continually, God will bless and promote you and your family.


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